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[1997-10-29-Promo Azteca] The Riot


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Here's a summary I found through this of Google. Quite the scene. I love that Michael Jackson's Free Willy song is playing during part of this. Was this a major news story at the time? It seems like it would be. Anyone add anything to it?


Rey Jr comes out to congratulate Lizmark Jr. He ends up attacking Psicosis. Then Santo comes out and attacks Psicosis as well. Then Rey Misterio Jr attacks Santo. Before you know It the locker room is empty and a fan attacks Rey Sr with a dangerous drop kick. The guy makes a sprint for the exit chased out of the Arena by Damien. But there is even more. Rey Misterio Jr and Konnan, both wearing NWO shirts, are being booed. A ringside fan actually gives Rey Misterio Sr. a chair Shot from behind the railing. Rey Misterio return the favor. The crowd goes beserk and begins to riot. Chairs are flying every where and fans are fighting.

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I couldn't figure out what was going on in the ring. It started off with a fight with one fan but then chairs start flying and the wrestlers bid a hasty retreat. The way they were protecting themselves with chairs I got the impression this wasn't the first time it had happened. Was the guy in the crowd Bob Barnett?

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Pretty sure that was Bob Barnett, yes. It's somebody named Bob who tapes live lucha, at least. This is the aftermath of some giant 12- to 16-man clusterfuck of a match--I had it on an old Jack Epstein compilation tape but have never quite figured out what was going on.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-10-29-Promo Azteca] The Riot

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