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[1997-06-15-AAA] Heavy Metal vs Sangre Chicana (Street Fight)


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AAA existed in 1997. This is just on here as proof. That's a pretty ginormous crowd, and they spend the whole match bleeding and brawling in it. They worked hard, bled like crazy and had good intensity, but I think they spent too much time brawling in the crowd. Glad this made the yearbook because it seemed like a pretty big deal.

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Interested to see Chicana based on the 80's footage. This is the description of a brawling in the crowd match as that is literally all they do. I wouldn't call it bad per say and both were a bloddy mess, but even after 12-13 minutes I was waning of it. Did like seeing Tirantes get smashed with the guitar and the bump he took though. Good glimpse at AAA in 1997 and the attendance looked good but man the work was pretty bad in this company this year.

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I'm always down to see Chicana punching motherfuckers, though I'm not much of a Metal fan. Weird to see him here while his brothers are in CMLL. AAA definitely leaves CMLL in the dust in terms of slicker and more current production values...which is also weird since the same company airs both promotions. Anyway, I liked the brawling in the ring but I agree the outside stuff went on too long. There are lots and lots and lots of great punches, for people who like minimalism. A trademark Antonio Pena fuck finish follows as Metal wrests away a guitar that's brought into the ring and accidentally clobbers Tirantes with it. That draws a pop (from both the crowd and myself) but gets Metal disqualified.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-06-15-AAA] Heavy Metal vs Sangre Chicana (Street Fight)

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