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[1997-07-21-GAEA] Toshiyo Yamada vs Kaoru


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Just want to note this was never billed as a "UFC Rules" match it was billed as "GAEA Kai rules" which basicly = similar rules to what the other shoot style feds were doing at the time like RINGS. Toned down matches you can only win via knock out or submission, everyone having to wear basic black gear, limited to mostly matwork with a few basic strikes & suplexes mixed in and only a certain # of rope breaks allowed.

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Pretty cool match and a nice experiment for a pro-style promotion. FLIK, how far did they run with this? How many more matches did they have under GAEA Kai rules? I'd like to watch them all at some point just to get a complete picture.


This is a poor man's version of Lioness Asuka vs Yumiko Hotta from Queendom, but I don't mean that as a dig at all. The laughing on commentary (This aired on a Champ Forum) sort of detracts from the atmosphere, and seeing this and Vader/Shamrock really gives me a greater appreciation of the atmosphere in promotions like RINGS and UWFI.


There's a little less brutality and selling than in other matches I've seen in this style, but that could just be a result of low audio. There's also a little pro-style flair in this one that isn't typically in matches worked like this.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-07-21-GAEA] Toshiyo Yamada vs Kaoru

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