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  1. Meh, this is a case where it'd have been best to just not include it at all. Yes it's a super important match in the midst of the biggest angle in company history, in the year when they cemented their spot as the #1 joshi company of the late 90's through early 2000's but with none of the build up to the moment or follow up surrounding it included it looses it's specialness. I dunno, closest analogy I can think of is only seeing the finish to this match is kind of like trying to explain the NWO angle to someone by only showing them the Bash 96 main.
  2. Surprised to see you guys didn't like the Hayabusa/Fuyuki vs Kuroda/Tanaka 30 min draw from later in the month as i'd put that on the same level as this one.
  3. FLIK

    Worst Professional Wrestler Ever?

    Khali came from the APW school out here in Northern California. He did indies & Japan and had been working 5-6 years by the time WWE signed him.
  4. Following the boards in the late 90's & early 00's practically no one seemed to talk or give a fuck about anyone in AJPW in the 90's boom era except the big 5 (and most seemed to hate Taue), Ogawa (also mostly shit on), Kikuchi, No Fear a little bit, and the bigger name foreigners. It legit was years before I even knew like 75% of the rest of their roster even existed. Like prob not until NOAH started and I was like "whoah, who are all these other guys? and holy shit they were around that far back???"
  5. She is only 3 years into her career at this point
  6. FLIK

    Timothy Thatcher

    Always happy to see Thatcher getting love since he's been the best guy we've had in Nor Cal for several years now. But anyways, lots of mis information floating around now so just to clear up/point a few things out 1) he really is British 2) he was trained at Supreme Pro Wrestling out of Sacramento not APW 3) even though he was initially trained in the US he did go back over and wrestle & train in England later on in his career too 4) yes he can do more then the matwork style (i've seen him do everything from comedy to death matches) and he's great at it when he does but he's largely cut down on the other aspects over time. Unless really forced I wouldn't exspect too much variety out of him going forward since doing this style is what's finally gotten him to break out to any significant degree.
  7. FLIK

    General thoughts on 1998

    yup it's out there, shouldn't be too hard to find. I remember it being good but didn't recomend it for the set since it's not THAT special beyond the novelty of it being Backlund in Bat Bat.
  8. Onita REALLY wanted to do a death match in the US so this was supposed to be the set up for an Onita vs Sandman Exploding Barbed Wire match in ECW but the deal fell through. About 4 months later Onita tried to pull a power play to regain controll in FMW but no one wanted to go with him so he was out of the company by the end of the year. He later tried to re-do his American Death Match idea with XPW to do an Exploding Death Match with Sabu in LA in 2000 but that deal also fell through. In a funny irony XPW would end up working with FMW later that year.
  9. Pretty much the entirety of the major angle/feud that had been building in the company over the past few years is missing from the year book sets but in context it wouldn't have made any sense at all for them to have worked this as anything but a brawl. They'd wrestled before leading up to this but the Meiko/Aja "rivalry" really isn't even a thing to be focused on for like another 7 or 8 months so that's the least of their worries at this point.
  10. I recall this being on my recomendation list. I think Ditch was the one who lobbied to cut it....
  11. that was part of the story. When the #1 contenders tournament was announced Hayabusa did a promo boasting how he was going to win easily which pissed off Oya because he was being overlooked and makes him super motivated to go on a massive run tearing through every one. 98 - 99 is pretty much the peak of the company post Onita era in terms of the roster gelling together, the booking and the in ring peaking all at the same time.
  12. FLIK

    [1998-06-22-WWF-Raw] Edge vs Jose Estrada

    It's funny cause I assumed this was the only reason it made the set. Forgot abt it being his debut. Edge never did that move after this.
  13. Tihs basically comes down to being a timing mistake. I don't know if either ever talked about it so it's hard to say who's fault it was by just looking at the move. At first glance you'd say Raven's as he drops first but it could have been Kanyon hesitating and not droping his end soon enough as well. From a mechanical standpoint, with this move unless both guys doing it drop at the same time it's almost a guarantee to fuck somebody up which is what hap here
  14. Haha, welcome to the death match revolution. Enjoy it while it last, you've got about a good year & 1/2 or so of awesome matches like this before the company nose dives to hell with the CZW invasion.
  15. Great line, though credit for it has to go to Heenan as he always would bust that one out on commentary during his matches.