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Voices of Wrestling - Interview w/ Chris "mookieghana" Harrington


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Joe and Rich chat with the foremost expert on wrestling analytics Chris “mookieghana” Harrington (@mookieghana) of IndeedWrestling.com about all things wrestling data. The guys chat with Chris about his upcoming book “Wrestlenomics”, how he got his start in analyzing wrestling data, correlation of internet feedback and PPV buys, WWE Second Quarter reports, WWE Network analysis, listener questions, how you can help him advance the subject and much more!

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Shameless self-promotion!


If anyone does listen to the interview and wants to follow along with the analysis we discuss:


Correlations between RAW Ratings, WO Feedback and PPV Buys


Excerpts from WWE 2Q 2013 Financial Results

30 Years of Wrestling Observer Awards (and Runner-Up) Results


Also, pricing options for my "book"? $12 for PDF copies or $25 for PDF and Print Version of Final Book. (Add $2 if you live overseas from the US).


The book isn't completed, but I am accepting additional backers at this time. I've been releasing "work-in-progress" and mini-chapters to my supports which total several hundred pages already. If you'd like to support the project, I will send you a copy of all of the releases thus far and you'll be set to join the final release when it's finally done (hopefully sometime in 2013).


Backers have already received:

* WWF One Shot Stars Chapter (37 pages)

* Wrestlenomics - JCP 1983-2001 Records Preview (105 pages)

* Wrestlenomics - WWF 1982-1993 Records Preview (79 pages)

* Wrestlenomics - minichapters (113 pages)


I'd send you a copy of all of these immediately and you'd join the queue for the final product (and any additional releases I make prior to the final release).


[email protected]

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Check your PM Mookie.


This was a great show guys. Mookie stats is especially interesting stuff to me. Being an accountant, I'm a numbers guy by nature but I love the anatlytical tinge Mookie acompanies his data with so its not just a blob of info.


I would love to see something a Wrestlecon or something where they have a little session where Mookie can present some data like they do at the SABR conference.

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I'm glad people enjoyed the podcast. VOW guys did a wonderful job setting it up and covering good material. I really appreciate the chance to talk about the project, and many fine, fine board members have reached out since to become project backers. The time and effort that I put into the stat collection is very fulfilling, especially because of moments like this.

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This went on the back burner due to more time sensitive podcasts and the G1. But this was a fun time. I've always circled statistics with my business, economics and marketing background. Used software packages like SPSS in work and my studies. Also a sucker for "economics made fun" books.


Mookie is obviously a great guy and I am glad to have backed the Kickstarter.


Mookie - should really do the podcast circuit when the book is ready to go. Very strong accounting for yourself here.

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