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Sting vs. Steve Keirn (late 1994)

Tim Cooke

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Before ROH on Saturday, Paul, Tom, Phil, and myself watched a few matches.


The first was a great TV match from Fall 1994 between Sting and Steve Keirn. This is after Hogan came and you would figure this would have been a 3 minute squash. Nope. This is basically worked around a hip toss early on before Keirn takes over beating on Sting and using some mat work I have never seen anywhere else. Sting wins with a Scorpian Death Lock, right? How about a Stinger Splash? Nope. He hits a friggin GERMAN suplex for the win. ASnd this isn't against Vader, it is against Steve fucking Keirn.


Second up Dustin vs. Terry Funk from Florida in 1989. 20 minutes, with Funk dominating for the most part and letting Dustin get in some hope spots. This was 2 months before Funk's famous 1989 run and you can see it here.


Third was an even longer Dustin v Jake Roberts TV match from Fall 1992 that is easily Jake's best match ever. Seek all of this out if I can't get the tape borrowed before it gets passed around the horn.



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