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IPS Driver Error


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This is a known issue that I'll hopefully have resolved soon. I am waiting to hear back from our server guy, as he did an upgrade recently and it messed a few things up, most of which have been fixed by now. But if your post contains a "smart" apostrophe (one that curls to the left or right), you'll receive the IPS Driver Error because the board doesn't recognize the character. If you encounter this, make sure that your post doesn't have any smart apostrophes and it should go through successfully.


I realize this is an inconvenience, especially when copying and pasting something that may contain this character. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon.

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Apostrophes. Hyphens. Accents. I see a lot of people struggling with this. It's as simple as that. Anything that isn't plain text will not be accepted. If you copy your post into Notepad then paste it here, it will work every time. The upgrade is still on for this weekend, so this won't be an issue for more than a few more days.

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