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Titans of Wrestling #19

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Join the Titans as their world is turned upside down when they venture into the realm of total pro wrestling absurdity. (No five-star matches here folks!) Kelly assumes the hosting seat and is joined by the rest of the Fabulous Four--Johnny, Pete and Parv--for a look at wrestling that would cause smarks to break their fingers on their keyboards from pounding away in disgust faster than the latest rant about the misuse of Daniel Bryan. Yes! This is the Unspecial.


On the docket tonight:

12-11-80 AJPW Abdullah the Butcher and Tor Kamata vs the Sheik and the Great Mephisto

2-25-92 WFWA Battle Royal (Gene Kiniski's final match)

3-21-79 Mid Atlantic Ricky Steamboat vs Swede Hanson

1977 Detroit Jay Strongbow vs Don Kent Shark Cage

11-13-79 WWF Moose Monroe and Pete Doherty vs Ivan Putski and Tito Santana

2-97 San Jose Buddy Rose vs Greg Valentine

8-13-11 JCW Bob Backlund vs Ken Patera

1-21-80 WWF Dominic DeNucci vs Hulk Hogan MSG


Also on tonights show:

-Johnny's take on the "Champagne Man" Gerry Morrow and, arguably his masterpiece, Robert Shaw describing the Shark Cage match

-Opinions on legendary wrestlers who keep working the indy circuit

-A bio for Pete Doherty, the "Terry Funk of jobbers"

-A couple of stoned clowns convince Ken Patera to wrestle for the first time in 18 years, despite him now looking like Pete's uncle

-Dominic DeNucci: Don Rickles to Bruno's Frank Sinatra

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Titans of Wrestling most devoted follower! Do I win the Edge DVD? :D Jump the Shark Cage. I laughed. These were some rough matches to get through. Sober was not the way to go. I agree with Parv on Butcher as he mostly does the same thing in every match. I have not seen his earlier stuff so maybe he will surprise me. Did like his Olympic Slam here which was the only wrestling move for whole match. Dislike Sheik's act and usually do not like these type of matches but yeah it does end up as one of the best matches on show. Butcher/Kamata finished tied for second in Real World League Tag. Team of Sheik/Mephisto finished dead last with zero points. Probably all count out/disqualification loses.


Johnny Morrow with a promo we can understand. Bad battle royal and crazy that Kiniski wrestled five times on his last day of wrestling. Morrow just stood around in that battle royal. So was hard to see what he could do in ring. Knew you guys would be all over the play by play guy and the astrological signs and other bio stuff he brought up. Kelly will need to add jobbers astrological signs to his bios. Best I have seen of Swede Hanson. Steamboat probably had most to do with that with his selling but thought this was decent TV match. Johnny now lusting about Steamboat to go along with Garea. That would have been so great if someone picked up phone at the Irvington Body Shop. Rose and Valentine going at it on the mic was funny. Not much of a wrestling match but they did what they could.


Backlund was in amazing shape. Looks like he could still go. Does he even wrestle still though? Patera was sad to look at it. Had no business being in the ring after so many years off and not being in shape at all. Was not on camera but a fan threw something at Foley with Mick calling them out. He must have raced off once show ended. Bockwinkel beats Foley in my opinion for who was best guest announcing job. Jobbers the Musical! Actually damn good idea. Even Pete was doing some singing here. It would be so awesome if one of these jobbers ends up hearing their bio on Titans. Pete Doherty must have a statue somewhere in Dorchester, MA . Oh, Dominic. I thought you were going to beat Hogan. I would have liked to see crazy Dominic show up. Vince was burying Dominic on commentary. Must have been easier to do that with Bruno not on as color commentator.


I thought I hit the pause button on my Ipod in error when it went all quiet. Nope, still in play mode but just silence until the Jaws theme starts up. Johnny was amazing doing Quint's speech. One of the funniest bits I have heard. People need to listen to that. Bravo Johnny. They could have brought Harley Race in for Jaws 2 as Quint's revenge seeking brother. Match was garbage as would be so easy to escape such a small cage. I do want to hear Meltzer and Cornette on commetary with it being on those Wrestling Gold dvds. Well done Kelly with running the show! I applaud Lead Analyst Pete for even attempting to break down these matches. He could have taken the night off. Titans TV sounds interesting. You guys did not do your usual MVP picks. I would have loved to hear who was the worst performer of the night. Patera? Shark Cage door? The whole battle royal?

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"Garea" to the tune of Maria from West Side Story definitely needs fleshed out lyrics. I'm sure Johnny could whip those up in just a couple of minutes.


My Titans deadpan of the week goes to Parv in this sequence:


"Parv, a designated hitter is a baseball thing. Since that probably went over your head"


Parv: "Right" (totally disinterested)

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