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[2006-03-31-BJW] Abdullah Kobayashi vs Takashi Sasaki (Fluorescent Light Bulb Kenzan Death)


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BJW Deathmatch Heavyweight Champion Abdullah Kobayashi vs Takashi Sasaki - BJPW 3/31/06


Oh how I wish certain things could be unseen. When they say Florescent Light Tube and Bed of Nails Death Match, they don't fuck around. I feel like I should go to the police with what I just witnessed. I have never watched a "Deathmatch" before. The closest match was probably Terry Funk vs Sabu, which I liked a good bit. This match made that look like a Bed of Roses match. I am not going to dismiss the style out of hand and will watch the other Big Japan matches with a open mind, but I am pretty sure this just is not for me. At first, I was actually pretty amused with the match. The struggle over who would go into into the big Light Tube Lattice and Sasaki just grabbing a light tube smashing over Kobayashi's head to get out of a wristlock made me think okay maybe this will be pretty good. I also really liked the spot where Kobayashi blocked a tornado DDT so Sasaki grabbed light tube and smashed it over his skull. Then the light tubes really started flying and they lost me. I love how Kobayashi at the beginning put over not wanting to be whipped into the light tubes only to elbow drop lights tube repeatedly, Vader Bomb them, break them over his own head and yes even break multiple by biting them. When he chewed the light tube and spit it into Sasaki's face. I thought to myself, there is no way it could get worse than that. I forgot we still have the Bed of Nails portion. The Nails where in little rectangles segments that could be strewn over the mat kinda like thumbtacks. Both of them got slammed into the nails and it looked painful. Then it happened. Kobayashi dropped Sasaki head first into this bed of nails and Sasaki ended up with these beds of nails embedded in his skull. I tapped the fuck out at that point. Sasaki would go onto NO-SELL a piledriver while having nails in his head to hit a superplex, I think, I don't know, I just remember, he popped up and started wailing on Kobayashi on the top rope. Normally, I would go check, but I am good. You know this is 2006 however because there are still fighting spirit exchanges and Shining Wizards albeit the worst fucking Shining Wizards in history. I did enjoy that they kept up with the wrestling tradition of "He who sets it up, must take it". Somehow even though Kobayashi mauled Sasaki the entire match, Sasaki mounts his comebacks and actually has some pretty nice kicks. So he sets up a bundle of light tubes next to Kobyashi and kicks them into his head.


I can now say I have watched a Japanese Death Match. I don't know if that should be a real point of pride. I am not going to rate it. If you liked it, more power to you, but I am happy I saw it,

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