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[2006-05-05-WWE-Smackdown] Chris Benoit vs Fit Finlay

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Chris Benoit vs Finlay - Smackdown 5/5/06


The closest thing to fucking BattlArts in a WWE ring. Just sheer brutality. Benoit gets busted open from the top of the skull at one point and I don't have a fucking clue how. Finlay driving the point of the elbow into the wound is something else. The opening matwork is just tremendous defensive wrestling. A real treat to watch. Benoit is tenacious going for the arm into the crossface early and Finlay has so many good leg trips. FINLAY BLASTS BENOIT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! The whole crowd nearly shat themselves during that. Benoit drives hard into the post. Finlay worked a great heat segment on the arm. Everytime Benoit got a hope spot like a Sharpshooter or Crossface attempt, Finlay would wriggle out and then just be all over him with a frenzied assault. When Benoit did finally fire back with chops to send Finlay to the outside, Finlay goes all Terry Funk and starts throwing chairs into the ring. Awesome! Benoit gets a dropkick to the knee while Finlay is on the apron to take over, great spot. Benoit is a machine. Crushing Finlay. Finlay's gets a Irish Whip counter into buckles. Finlay's second heat segment is the only drag. Lots of chinlocking, I get it when you are dealing with Benoit you want to sap his energy and just try to contain him, but there are more interesting ways. Benoit blasts his way back into this. Misses his diving headbutt always a cringe-worthy spot. Shillelagh time? Benoit fights through it dumping him out. Ref grabs the shillelagh but Finlay jabs Benoit with the chair and then hits the Celtic Cross. Awesome asshole finish. Brutal match with an amazing finish. It is Benoit vs Finlay need I say more. ****1/4

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