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[2007-10-07-WWE-No Mercy] HHH vs Randy Orton (Last Man Standing)


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WWE Champion Triple H vs Randy Orton - No Mercy 2007 Last Man Standing


The Game's hot streak is snapped. Way too long. Last two minutes or so was great. But it is a slog getting there. If you watch the Umaga match you will see it is built around Umaga being impervious to pain and HHH's injured ribs. They go to the injured ribs way too soon. So within the first minute Orton is working the ribs and HHH is selling. Ten minutes later Orton is working the ribs and HHH is selling. There is no sense of progression. The match is stuck in a rut. Orton goes for the RKO on the announce table that took Cena out. HHH pushes him off so he crashes through another one. Now we are in the one move per minute portion of the match. Way too much downtime here. Total false epic. The RKO on the chair was nasty and you can always count on a good, gory bladejob from Hunter. I liked the Suck It in defiance of Orton and then catching his foot on the punt with a GREAT HULK UP! Ok, here we go! HHH does kick some ass, they cut him off way too early. They do some bullshit. The finish is great. RKO on the announce table and Orton gets a decisive win. There is some good stuff in here no doubt and the finish is awesome. It is just a slog to get to it. ***

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No wasting time by Orton who went straight for Triple H’s injured ribs. Loved the urgency and awareness by Orton to not only know how to hurt Triple H but doesn’t wait for HHH to get any advantage like he did earlier that night. Orton did some great work on the ribs but added his own twist with it, like bringing in some rope cables and choking HHH out with them ala the Rumble Umaga/Cena match whilst locking on a body scissors. Another thing that the match had going for it is that they didn’t go full on excess with the 10 counts. None of the spots were too big for it to be unbelievable. They paced out the high spots really well. Triple H’s selling and well timed comebacks added a ton of drama to the match. The spot with the Crotch-chop/HHH super hulk up after he catches Orton doing the Punt was fantastic. You get a big sense of fulfillment seeing Triple H kick Orton’s ass just because he is so despisable - a huge credit to both men’s performance. And the way that transitions to Triple H getting caught with a flash RKO on the table was superb. One of the better Last Man Standing matches WWE has ever done. Fantastic from both men. Great selling, great pacing, tons of entertaining spots and a great culmination of the show’s overarching storyline. ****1/2 

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