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[2007-11-18-WWE-Survivor Series] The Undertaker vs Batista (Hell in a Cell)


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World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs Undertaker - Survivor Series 2007 Hell In A Cell


I did not realize how dead the crowd was until they finally chanted along with Batista during a ten count punch about 3/4 of the way through the match. It was a Miami crowd combined with a face vs face match so perhaps that explains it. This is a weird match as it worked part Clash of the Titans and part blood feud. Also, Taker took a huge chunk of the match, which telegraphed that he was going to lose, but it is Taker so you know there will be protection. I thought the beginning was similar to the Mania with their sprint Clash of the Titans. Taker teased chokeslam and the triangle choke, but was generally in charge. In the coolest spot of the match, Taker drives Batista throatfirst into a chair. That is a sick spot and they sold with Batista doing the internal bleeding. Much like the table spot, Batista actually started a run offense pretty soon after catching Taker off Old School with a spinebuster. That is a visually impressive power spot, but the moves felt out of order. You take us to this visceral high of internal bleeding then move to a very cool powerslam. The narrative seemed off. Batista throws Taker around, which is always cool visually. Taker is like fuck this, if I am going to job, I am going to kick your ass and whips him back into the steps. Rams him head first into the cage and then A FUCKING WICKED CHAIR SHOT to the head. Batista blades big time. Taker is working this like a blood feud and Batista is working it like a power match. That just clicked for me. I think that's the disconnect. Taker climaxes with the Triangle Choke, but we get a rope break. Ref where the fuck were you earlier if you are going to assert yourself be consistent. Taker does the lamest suicide dive this side of Dean Ambrose, in his defense with the cage that close I wouldn't do it either, but then just dont do the spot. Batista kicks the stairs into Taker and he finally gets into the blood feud aspect crashing the steps into Taker, who is now bleeding. Here comes the finish run they trade finishes with Batista Bomb on Table being pretty cool. Batista kicks out of a Tombstone!??!?!? Tombstone on the stairs. BALL GAME! Then Edge blasts Taker with the camera and puts Batista on top. Who knows the fuck why? It was entertaining, but it did not have the fight feel. You know guys really clashing like bulls. It was more of a Taker asskicking, but Batista is not a very evocative seller and is totally useless at bumping. Stick with the great Mania match instead of this clusterfuck.

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I'll consider it for a future go around. My main focus is 1980s wrestling, but I am using the 2000s WWE to break it up and I am longing for Dicky Murdoch and Von Erichs already.


The following from 2007 have been watched and I just need to edit the reviews :


Cena vs Umaga

Cena vs HBK - Mania & Raw

Cena vs Orton - SSlam

Punk vs Morrison

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