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[2007-06-22-WWE-Smackdown] Fit Finlay vs Matt Hardy


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Finlay vs Matt Hardy - WWE Smackdown 6/22/07


The story of the match is Finlay is always one step ahead of Matt Hardy and Matt needs to somehow crawl out of this hole. The match takes place in North Cackalacky, Matt's home state so he is super over. It is totally worked around him selling the entire match. Finlay puts on absolute clinic working on top with great smashmouth early and then a targeted focus on the leg. I loved Matt's sell of Finlay's early forearms. Hardy looked like he was going to get something started by giving Finlay a taste of his own medicine and then a nice bulldog. However, Finlay one step ahead of Hardy cuts this off by going to the floor and using Hornswoggle to distract Hardy long enough to level him. Again, Hardy mounts comeback this time with a series of beautiful punches. Wow! Totally forgot how good of a puncher Matt Hardy is and ambidextrous too! Hardy wants to go up top to cement his advantage, but Finlay yanks him down by the bad leg. Finlay is one step ahead. This is when the match goes into overdrive. Finlay tortures the bad knee, gnarly holds, slams into the steps, takes off the brace and Matt Hardy gives a stellar selling performance both hobbling and verbal selling. The enziguiri gives Matt hope. Side Effect is a great nearfall. Cant seem to get Twist of a Fate. Hornswoggle distracts ref. We get the shillelagh shot to the knee and I totally buy this as the finish. Finlay is one step ahead. Matt Hardy withstands this, stays on his feet and hits Twist of a Fate for the win.


Anytime, Matt Hardy was about to get some momentum, Finlay cut him off. Matt kept coming and coming. Eventually he withstood all the punishment long enough to hit his finish and win. Excellent lay out, great selling from Hardy and great offense from Finlay. Awesome TV match. ****

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Matt Hardy gets a big pop from his hometown crowd. Very headlocks heavy early on but what made it different from the usual headlock start was the smugness of the holds applied, from Finlay especially and the struggle to get out of them, even resorting to pulling the nose. The intensity of the match increased gradually with Finlay adding a few vicious slams and strikes to the mix. The crowd, at first wasn't much into Finlay working over Hardy, started to really get invested for their hometown boy. Hardy really shows how good he is with his selling after Finlay works on his injured knee. Not only does his sell the holds, he sells the fatigue of being in pain for a prolonged period of time. Really compelling stuff on his part. The finish was iffy to say the least. Hornswoggle comes in (aw, he has lost his “Little Bastard” name) and distracts Hardy and Finlay nails him in the injured knee with his shillelagh but Hardy gets up and nails for the Twist of Fate for the win. I mean, he sells it well too, but it kinda made the shillelagh shot pointless and the interference too. Great match (great performance yet again by Matt Hardy) but bad finish. ****

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