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[2009-04-03-ROH-Supercard of Honor IV] KENTA vs Davey Richards


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Wow whenever I’m higher than ShittyLittleBoots or SmarkMark16 on a workrate match I feel weird but I enjoyed the hell out of this asskicker.

GHC Jr Heavyweight Champion KENTA vs Davey Richards - ROH 4/3/09

This is probably the height of both KENTA and Davey Richards as workrate idols in their careers. KENTA’s last year probably and Richards first year until the Elgin match in 2011/12. My Davey Richards memory is that he Main Evented aN ROH Show in Detroit in 2009/10 and I forced my best friend from college to go with me. He loved Davey Richards still talks about how much of a badass he is. The best moment is I can’t remember who but somebody does a dive into the crowd into the section to our right, wipes out chairs and fans cleared out. My friend, who never been to a show before goes “Do the fans know that will happen?” And I go “No, I honestly don’t know, that could have been us.”. His expression was priceless and he just repeated “That could have been us” and then just screamed “Holy shit! This is so fucking cool.”. My friend didn’t become a fan but it is totally down to go a show whenever now. That’s my Davey Richards story.

Theres always been a backlash against Richards from the anti-workrate which I get. This is a very workrate-Heavy bomb-throwing Match. It would fit into the CrossFit genre so to speak BUT this was NOT full-fledged 2010s workrate bullshit. There was no standing around waiting for movez and it was not overly cooperative. It was not glorified men’s floor exercise routine. It was an asskicker. They just kicked the shit out of each other. The kicks looked primo and it was just a relentless onslaught of stiff kicks. If you going to do a psychology-bereft spotfest this is the style I like a macho, shit kicking. The first five minutes got me excited because Richards actually tried to be a heel and KENTA tried to be a face. KENTA’s response to that first kick to the back by slapping the taste out of Richards mount was such a power move and I dug it. Richards has don’t well to establish he was the heel and it was cool he let himself be punked out by KENTA. The shine was great and I liked the dragon leg screw transition to heat. Of course KENTA made a One Million Mile An Hour comeback ending an illusion of a lost classic but it was a thoroughly entertaining asskicking match. I really liked the strike exchange and pretty much anytime there was kicking. I liked how economical the finish run was. Richards evades G2S twice, hits his big move to zero heat which made me laugh and the G2S win. Tight & efficient. No downtime, just two hard-hitting dudes rifling each other I dig. ****

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