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Charles (Loss)

[2003-11-07-ZERO-ONE-Refusion] Shinya Hashimoto vs Masato Tanaka

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My write up:


Masato Tanaka vs. Shinya Hashimoto - ZERO 1 - Nov 7, 2003

Hashimoto beat the shit out of Tanaka last time I saw these two together. This one is more even right out that gates. Tanaka gets Hashimoto on his back and into a leghold. The veteran Hashimoto straight up out wrestles Tanaka, working him into a triangle choke. Tanaka tries a test of strength that he wins by headbutting Hashimoto's shoulder. Tanaka immediately works that over. He slaps Hashimoto's shoulder which leads to Hashimoto slapping him back. In the face. Harder and harder. Tanaka looks like a punk compared to Hashimoto.

Hashimoto tries to cave Tanaka's chest in with two hard, hard kicks. Tanaka has to roll outside onto the mats below to catch a breather. Hashimoto takes him down the second he reenters the ring. A standing senton flattens Tanaka. Hashimoto claps his hands, getting the audience going once he gets back up. Tanaka boots Hashimoto in the face until Hashimoto finally falls over. His nose bleeds as he clutches the ropes and Tanaka's assault continues. He takes Hashimoto down by the arm, refocusing his efforts there.

Hashimoto catches Tanaka's arm as he tries to club away at Hashimoto's shoulder. Hashimoto headbutts Tanaka then goes back to those super stiff kicks to the chest. Tanaka looks like he regrets ever getting near Hashimoto now. The ref chides Hashimoto for continuing to kick Tanaka while he's in the corner. In response, Hashimoto kicks the ref away. The ass kicking must go on. Tanaka surprises everyone with a tornado DDT. He forearms Hashimoto, then his a diving forearm, then two lariats but the big guy is still on his feet. Tanaka hits the ropes, ducks a Hashimoto strike, then finally knocks Hash down with another lariat. He goes up top for a frog splash that Hashimoto dodges. That was a short run.

Tanaka eats a big DDT. He kicks out at two on the cover. Hashimoto tries for a brainbuster but Tanaka fights like mad to get out of it. He scoops Hashimoto up for a slam that barely keeps Hashimoto down. A crazy stiff slap and then a discus elbow have about the same effect. Another body slam leads to a frog splash. This one lands. Tanaka tries to double wristlock Hashimoto's arm and almost gets it in. Hashimoto has to grab the ropes to avoid it. Hashimoto shoulders Tanaka after both come off the ropes. he blasts him with another kick. A huge DDT follows. None of it is enough to put Tanaka away.

Tanaka can't get to his feet after Hashimoto lays in some more offense. The ref starts the ten count, only for Hashimoto to interrupt it with a double stomp. Hashimoto puts Tanaka in a triangle choke; the ref stops the match moments later.

Match rating: *** This is less of an extended squash than the first one. It's almost a real match between two competitors. Tanaka gets a good amount of offense in, especially compared to their match earlier in the set, but Hashimoto looks like he's in a whole different league.

This was fun to watch, especially if you like stiff chops and kicks, but I doubt it will make my list.

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This is more competitive than the 2002 iteration though I use the word competitive liberally. Like I said in that thread, Hashimoto's offense is brutal and Tanaka is great at eating brutal offense so I dig this. If the Hashimoto vs Kanemura deathmatch was closer to the length of this match or if we had these two in wrestle a deathmatch it probably would have been the best deathmatch of the decade.

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