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  1. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Yeah I think that makes sense and there is something to it, though it happening in 2013 and immediately getting a backlash at least shows the culture is changing. In 1993 or even 2003 it probably goes without comment at best
  2. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Yes, but me drawing a different line then you, or you drawing a different line than a third person, don't require cognitive dissonance on anyone's part. Different moral standards across people or groups isn't cognitive dissonance, different moral standards held by the same person can be - emphasis on can, since I think it's odd to presume the mental state of literally everyone who watches wrestling. Benoit's a particular case given his wrestling and wrestling style draws a pretty clear line to his mental decline and ultimately what he did, which has been discussed here before. Not that I expect you to go hunting old posts on the topic, just saying that Benoit is an exceptional case for the heinousness of the action and how clearly his in-ring work connects to it. Right, that sounds like it could be dissonance, just making sure we're talking about the same thing. I think we're prone to saying "it's cognitive dissonance!" when someone makes an apparently contradictory stance or/action, but we're reading it from our outside perspective, presuming some sort of hypocrisy, then prescribing a mental state.
  3. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I see people say this here pretty regularly but it's just not true. It's only true if I expected or in some way need wrestlers (or other entertainers) to be morally upright people. It's not cognitive dissonance to say "huh that guy sucks and did something bad but I'll still watch him wrestle/listen to a song/enjoy his movie/etc." Inevitably there are certain lines that have a point of no return - I'm pretty sure I haven't watched a Benoit match since his crimes and death and don't intend to - but if I decided to rewatch something it wouldn't be cognitive dissonance because I wouldn't be watching Benoit, or Jay Briscoe who I also haven't seen in years, to be morally righteous and that to be relevant to the match.
  4. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Haha yeah that part is ridiculous. Actually I've always wondered what the corporate and governance structures are at Sinclair, namely how small is it despite the big market cap. They own lots of TV stations but predominantly smaller markets and it's clearly based on on going relationships with other huge media companies, which might . Basically I imagine it's wide but shallow and shoe string all around but that's conjecture on my part.
  5. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    It's no doubt embarrassing and hurt the bottom line to get hit by ransomware but it's also not really a sign of amateur hour given major insurers, health care, law firms, etc. get hit with these things too.
  6. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    I'm presuming it's an ambiguous phrasing unless ROH has kept everything from before then shut away.
  7. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    From the Fightful article linked above. Poor writing or does Sinclair only own the video library of anything since they time that they bought ROH?
  8. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Woof yeah that's gotta be the all but official deathknell for ROH. Maybe SBG brings back wrestling in some form but if they're selling the library they're cutting ties to the ROH name.
  9. Steenalized

    NXT Halloween Havoc 2021: The 2.0 TakeOver Has Begun

    Looking at the card I thought they were going to flip the titles every time just to get an entirely fresh start, then they withheld the change on the most obvious/pressing on. Feels very WWE
  10. Steenalized

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Sad if it's the end of an era with a real whimper but I'll presume they do have a plan to bring them back in the future. I think joeg's right that ROH is a good deal for Sinclair given the ratings/cost/time. Actually kinda nuts to think ROH made it almost 20 years.
  11. Steenalized

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Wasn't Liger the one who absolutely loved Cheeseburger?
  12. Steenalized

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    People get cuts along the eyes in boxing because the bones around the eyes where the padded glove can still press the skin hard enough to force a cut plus you get the rare shot where the seem of a glove just catches someone right. Bare knuckle is a totally different story and you can bleed pretty easily crimson mask style getting hit in the head with an object. Yeah, because people know pro wrestling is fake, so the the thought is why would actors in a fake sport really be bleeding. No one thinks "oh he's bleeding from the forehead, that's totally impossible despite the ubiquitous presence of kids at urgent care with random head wounds, must be a blood capsule"
  13. Steenalized

    All Elite Wrestling

    It's true. Hockey fans are real rabid about their particular teams and the sport at large, but there's just not that many of them compared to the other big four sports in the US. But I imagine the ad rates are better than wrestling.
  14. I can't add much more than what's already been said. It's an unbelievably good performance for a debut match, maybe the best ever? Yeah Kobashi is still clearly the better one in there, both kayfabe and for critiquing performances, but Akiyama looks like he's been at this for years. That German is a thing of beauty for a rookie, Akiyama pays of it afterwards but it's a good shining moment for him. *** range, what an open to a legendary career.
  15. Steenalized

    [2012-08-26-AJPW] Jun Akiyama vs Masakatsu Funaki

    Oh dang, fantastic match in a tidy little box. Like a heavyweight title fight that stops in the 2nd round after a couple knockdowns. Akiyama's offense looks so heavy, Funaki gets right back at him with those strong kicks and I actually love the ending strike exchange because they don't dwell on it. Akiyama gets in too deep, gets rocked, Funaki sees his opening and ends it. ****