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  1. Steenalized

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    PBC seems happy with 200K-buy PPVs but that's a money laundering front if there ever was one, so who's to say?
  2. Steenalized

    All Elite Wrestling

    Askren PPV supposedly did 1.5M buys. Haven't seen anything on Woodley yet which makes me wonder if it disappointed
  3. Steenalized

    AEW All Out 2021 - September 5, 2021

    Looks more like the Big 4 PPVs are really a big 3, maybe big 2.5. But those Wrestlemania numbers were huge
  4. Steenalized

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    It's also why the "haha Triple H sure dropped the ball" thing is funny but I don't think Vince is wrong per se to go back to seeking specific body types and ages. I get why fans groan about it but wrestling has decades of getting recently graduated football players, basketball players, wrestlers, etc. to transfer over and I'd trust Vince (okay, I don't trust Vince but hear me out) to use that system better than trying to be The Super Indy. Tony Khan's got the latter one figured out better now anyway.
  5. Steenalized

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I just saw something on twitter about how the new NCAA NIL rules can be a huge boon to the WWE - maybe AEW too - and ties directly to this. Find a college kid with a good look, interest in wrestling, and isn't going pro in the sport, take a chance on building a bridge while they're in school then come over after graduation.
  6. Steenalized

    Is the empire crumbling before our eyes?

    Maybe they have weird auto renewals or extension terms in them based on certain things but realistically, how do you note have an excel file with a bunch of names and dates in there at a minimum? An intern could handle this
  7. Steenalized

    AEW Rampage - 20th August 2021

    Got me to possibly follow wrestling (and log in here) for the first time in five years, seems legit.
  8. Steenalized

    WWE TV, May 23rd - May Something

    Not watching live, is it as bad as that Raw a few years ago when Cena issued a challenge for HALF WAY THROUGH THE SHOW and they clearly postponed that segment until Monday Night Football went to half time (and it ran late at that)
  9. I watched this match for the first time today and immediately fell in love. It felt intense from the start and I was waiting for the bombs to start flying but they make you wait. Tenry kept facewashing Hashimoto, doing those little kicks to the head, goading him on until Hash finally explodes with that flying kick over the ref. That's when I lost it, so did the crowd. Their reaction to Hashimoto finally keeping Tenryu down is even better.
  10. Steenalized

    Smackdown moving to Tuesday and going live

    Couldn't agree more with this. But this is pro wrestling, in particular the WWE, so they (1) will have my attention to start and (2) will probably bungle it and piss me off at various times.
  11. Steenalized

    WWE Extreme Rules 2016

    They really are, this match rules.
  12. Steenalized

    WWE Extreme Rules 2016

    Kinda figured. Being a "technical wrestler" is one of heck of a gimmick. I ask a friend of mine who was telling me how Bret, Angle, etc. were great technical wrestlers and I asked him what exactly a good "technical wrestler" was and he replied and I quote: "Someone who does a lot of moves..." I just laughed and said how is Bret a technical wrestler then as he did the same 5-6 moves per match. It also helps if you have a submission 'finisher' that probably never works
  13. Steenalized

    WWE Extreme Rules 2016

    Technical wrestler means you do suplexes, but not like Brock
  14. Steenalized

    Lawler's punch vs. Flair's chop

    I agree that technique-wise a punch is going to be harder to throw without potatoing the hell out of someone and still looking good than a chop. Chops are fine if punches are treated as an actual no-no.
  15. Steenalized

    Lawler's punch vs. Flair's chop

    I'll take Lawler & Dundee punching each other over that any day. same, though I wonder how much of that is chops becoming ubiquitous while good punches can be rare