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[1981-03-16-WWF-MSG, NY] Andre the Giant vs Sgt. Slaughter


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Andre The Giant vs Sgt. Slaughter - WWF MSG 3/16/81


Wildly entertaining. Slaughter was so over. I liked the Hall of Montezuma bit Sarge did at the beginning. With Backlund working Hansen (Blassie), the Grand Wizard's charge was facing the other babyfaces such as Pedro, Andre and Patterson. I loved how much fun this was. Sarge bumping for Andre was awesome! So good. I love that ass spot Andre always does as a babyface. I was impressed with how Sarge was creating offense for himself. It was all about getting that Cobra Clutch. I liked how he tried for it while Andre had him in the leglock. Andre's selling after his own suplex was great. Like he is so strong he knocked himself loopy. Sarge rakes the eyes and tries to go up top and PRESS SLAM! Huge pop! Andre is on a roll. Sarge pulls the ref in front of him to draw the DQ. Andre looked great here and is so much fun. Sgt. Slaughter is the perfect heel foil for Andre because he bumps big, but the threat of the Cobra Clutch keeps it competitive. ***1/2

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I would have liked if Sarge got just a touch more in this, I was legitimately disappointed when he went in his tights but didn't produce a foreign object. Still this was extremely satisfying and a well worked clash from two guys who are excellent working all the way to the back. I loved the way Andre overwhelmed Slaughter early, someone his size moving quickly with purpose and skill is such an awesome sight.

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