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Is it just me or is HHH suddenly much bigger than he was just a few weeks ago? Lawler conducts the interview. They are teasing DX dissension but X-Pac promises that they'll rip it up and be fine after the match is over. They are trying to capitalize on the random flashing, as this week they seem to have gotten some front row models to do it, which prompts others in the crowd to follow suit.

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Yeah, clearly Shane has no idea what his character is supposed to be, other than to be as loud and faux-cool as possible. Shane, you shouldn't be "giving it up" for DX and crotch-chopping right after they told your father to suck it. Anyway, X-Pac downplays the possibility of dissension surrounding an IC title #1 contenders match against HHH on Raw, while HHH pretty much spouts the usual DX catchphrases. Still, the boilerplate DX interviews were definitely effective and gave the fans what they wanted to hear, as repetitive as they could get.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-08-02-WWF-Sunday Night Heat] Interview: DX

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