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[1998-09-07-WCW-Nitro] Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior


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Hogan says Warrior doesn't have the guts to take the NWO on one-by-one and prove himself. He says Warrior is going to have to take on the big man. Hogan wants a cage to lower in the ring and says if Warrior can get through Giant, he can get his hands on Hogan. Hogan says he's going to beat Goldberg to win the title at Fall Brawl, which is NOT a match on the card. That's weird. But not as weird as a cloud of smoke appearing and Giant being laid out while Warrior has Hogan trapped in a cage by himself. Bischoff runs out with the key to the cage and this doesn't have as much heat as it probably should. Hogan whacks Warrior with a chair but Warrior no-sells it, then Hogan bails. Flat segment and this smoke thing is ridiculous.

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The visual with the smoke was very well done here.


It's interesting to contrast this stuff with the Arn stuff, though. The Arn stuff works because it's about a person, and real human emotion. The Warrior stuff focuses on the supernatural, and I frankly can't imagine who would be engaged by both of these angles. Big tent theory, I guess, but it makes it feel like the promotion is a bit schizophrenic.

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Boy, the contrast in unopposed Nitros between this and 1995 is pretty readily apparent. This whole show felt like a swing and a miss when WCW had a golden opportunity to put the screws to the WWF, having put together a bit of a ratings win streak against all odds. I don't know why I'm even trying to parse the logic of these segments but how *does* this smoke only knock out certain people at a time?

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