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[1998-09-13-WCW-Fall Brawl] Chris Jericho vs Greenberg


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Jericho does the entrance again where he repeatedly goes through the wrong door. So, so great! The Spinal Tap references are tremendous. We get the full Goldberg entrance only for a little person who looks like Goldberg to come out doing the entrance instead. This was an awesome start to a program with these two, and I'm with Jericho, people would have accepted this as a big feud at this point. It would be the only two new stars WCW created in '98 facing off and yes, Jericho should have lost - been decimated even - but the path there could have been fun.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-09-13-WCW-Fall Brawl] Chris Jericho vs Greenberg
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There are guys in the front row wearing these ridiculous looking Goldberg shirts that look ironed on.  I hope this wasn't official WCW merchandise.  Great comedy from Jericho.  You can tell he deserved to be elevated to a higher spot.  It's a shame, for WCW at least, that he had to leave the company in order to break through.

I wonder how many people left the arena that night thinking they saw Chris Jericho submit Goldberg.

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