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[1998-09-19-MPPW-TV] Randy Hales and Stacy Carter


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Hales calls Stacy out and pulls out the Enquirer where we see that Lawler injured Jim Carrey during Man on the Moon filming. He blames Stacy for Lawler's state of mind lately. He even shows a picture of Lawler with his ex-wife Paula and says this is how things should be. Brandon Baxter comes to her defense and ends up getting physical with Hales, with Stacy getting struck in the fracas. Lawler comes out to escort her away from all of this.

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You knew as soon as the Lawler/Carrey bit hit the papers that they'd find a way to incorporate it into the ongoing PPW storylines. Stacy's reaction to this accusation is about as it should be. Hales then again accuses her of breaking up the marriage to Paula. But now we get intrigue--Brandon Baxter, after pretending to be in love with Stacy the past few weeks, now seems to have developed real feelings for her, and comes out to defend her from Hales. A Dangerous Liasions-esque plot twist or a set-up? We'll see in the coming weeks, I guess. Stacy gets nailed accidentally as Hales and Baxter have a pull-apart.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-09-19-MPPW-TV] Randy Hales and Stacy Carter

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