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[1998-09-26-ECW-TV] Late Breaking News: The Sandman leaves ECW


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Joey Styles somewhat somberly sends us to the ring, where Tommy Dreamer is talking about Sandman's departure. They keep cutting away from Dreamer so Joey Styles can provide context. The Sandman has signed with WCW, and I don't get anyone thinking Sandman would work in any environment other than this one. Anyway, this is treated respectfully and Dreamer tries to give him a proper sendoff. Jack Victory interrupts because he didn't get a touching sendoff when he left wrestling for several years, despite making quite a few sacrifices himself. Dreamer ends up punching Victory, which brings ROD PRICE into the ring. The lights go out, and when they come back on, Justin Credible hits Dreamer over the head multiple times with the Singapore cane. Wrestlers come out to make the save. The desperate Justin Credible push continues.

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Thomas Edward Gilbert, Jr...yeah, thanks for that info, Joey. Can the powers-that-be in ECW decide if their fans are knuckle-dragging morons or the smartest fans in the room, please? Joey finally provides an interesting tidbit as Dreamer blithers, pointing out that this story broke on ecwwrestling.com, back when news breaking on a website and then being acknowledged on TV later was still sort of novel. Jack Victory, fat as ever, comes out and accuses Tommy Dreamer of being a kissass. He uses a bunch of f-bombs so you can tell he's serious. Dreamer responds with a long string of bleeps himself. A bald Rod Price makes the save and Paul E. has resorted to turning his hardcore pet promotion into a rehash of early-'90s Global. Can't wait for the debuts of Sweet Daddy Falcone and Scott Putski to fill the Sandman's void. Justin Credible does a Sandman imitation and pounds Dreamer into oblivion with his new Singapore cane gimmick. Funny how like 35 cane shots don't carry an iota as much effect as Sandman doing ten of them to Dreamer a few years ago.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-09-26-ECW-TV] Late Breaking News: The Sandman leaves ECW

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