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20 hours ago, Boss Rock said:

I would love more recs if you have them!

SUWAMA vs Jun Akiyama  (AJPW 10/23/2011)
This goes looooooong so you're gonna need some patience for it. It has all those little cliches of longer Japanese matches (chess match/strategic style wrestling) which might leave the meat feeling a little uninspired for some but I adored Akiyama's vicious streak in trying to crack SUWAMA's neck. 


Jun Akiyama vs Masakatsu Funaki (AJPW 6/28/2012)

Fantastically violent 4 minutes. I'm a huge Funaki apologist, so take this one with a bit of salt, but I had no issues seeing this as one of the most fun matches to come out of Japan that year.


Jun Akiyama, Yoshihiro Takayama & Mitsuo Momota vs Kensuke Sasaki, Yoshiaki Fujiwara & Super Tiger II (Rikodozan Memorial 12/16/13)

This isn't something you're watching to find a "good match" but it's an example of how, between all the mindlessness, Akiyama can be so, so great.


Jun Akiyama vs Takao Omori  (AJPW 6/15/2014)
Fantastic match. I checked my review for this, now, and I wrote "Akiyama must be the single best wrestler alive nobody here talks about." Akiyama has a few other "good ones" a little later in the year (e.g. vs Miyahara), but I thought this was his strongest showing. He's at his best when he picks a specific body part and just goes to town with it in fantastic ways - RIP Omoroi's arm. They have another killer a couple years earlier (02/03/2012).


From 2015, puro fell of a cliff for me so I just gave up on it all together. I'm sure there's something that stands out, but I've not seen it. 2010s AJPW house-style was already starting to grate me from as early as 2012ish, because, amongst other copy-paste jobs, it felt like the irish whip into the barricade was a checklist spot. I honestly feel their style actively hampers their ability to deliver legitimate epics yet Akiyama would always ensure he gets the most out of that environment. I wasn't much aware that he had broken away from them and ended up in DDT as a grizzled, grumpy vet. Sounds a lot like Kingston in Chikara - which is a fantastic foil. 



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