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    Misses from the 80s sets

    It not really misses, but do you guys know if there's a "other territories" 80's set planned? As I went through 80-86 (I stopped and went back to Japan 98) I noted down some good to great matches from teritories not covered by the DVDVR sets. (other than MACW/JCP => there again, is there a best of JCP planned? and WWF). Don't think too much about my ratings, there were there just for me and I just copied paste withiout getting them out. 1980 (1) 10-?? -ICW- Bob Orton Jr vs Pez Whatley - *** ½ - 1981 (14) 01-09 -SWCW- Tully Blanchard vs Tiger Conway Jr (2/3 falls; Houston) - *** ½ + 01-16 -Houston- Dory Funk Jr vs Billy Robinson (Houston) - *** ½ 02-22 -StLouis- Ted DiBiase vs Big John Studd - *** ½ - 03-?? -SECW- Condrey & Rose vs Norvell Austin & Mike Jackson - *** ¼ 03-21 -SECW- Paul Orndorff & Norvell Austin vs. Mr. Saito & The Shadow - *** ¼ + 04-12 -StLouis- Butch Reed & Rufus R Jones vs. Mike Kelley & Pat Kelley - *** ¼ 05-03 -StLouis- Ric Flair vs Pat O’Connor - *** ½ + 05-04 -Maple- Ric Flair & Dewey Robertson vs Roddy Piper & Jimmy Snuka (No DQ) - *** ½ - 05-22 -Houston- Gino Hernandez vs Chavo Guerrero (2/3 falls) - *** ½ 07-18 -GCW- Ted DiBiase & Steve O vs Jimmy Snuka & Terry Gordy - *** ½ - 08-02 -StLouis- Ken Patera vs Kerry Von Erich - *** ½ - 08-?? -CWF- Dory Funk Jr vs Mike Graham (Australian Rules - 6 rounds) - **** - 11-20 -Houston- Nick Bockwinkel vs Tito Santana (2/3 falls) - *** ¾ 11-29 -StLouis- Ken Patera vs. Dewey Robertson - *** ¼ + 1982 (12) 01-01 -StLouis- Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes (2/3 falls) - *** ½ 01-?? -ICW- Randy Savage vs Crusher Broomfield - *** ½ - 04-04 -StLouis- Harley Race vs David Von Erich - *** ½ 04-24 -SECW- Terry Gordy vs Michael Hayes (Cage; clipped) – NR (great) 05-14 -Houston- Wahoo McDaniel vs Tully Blanchard (Indian Strap) - *** ½ - 07-04 -StLouis- Ric Flair & Jerry Blackwell vs Ken Patera & Dory Funk Jr - *** ½ - 08-15 -SWCW- Jerry Lawler vs Bob Sweetan - *** ¼ - 05-14 -Houston- Nick Bockwinkel vs Junkyard Dog (2/3 falls) - *** ½ + 10-06 -CWF- Barry Windham vs Kevin Sullivan (CWF title tournament final) - *** ¾ - 10-27 -GCW- Tommy & Johnny Rich vs Ivan Koloff & Iron Sheik - *** ¼ 11-10 -GCW- Tommy Rich & Paul Orndorff vs Masked Superstar & Super Destroyer - *** ¼ - 11-10 -GCW- Tito Santana vs Buzz Sawyer - *** ¼ - 1983 (8) 02-11 -StLouis- Kerry Von Erich vs Greg Valentine - *** ¾ 04-26 -CWF- Bobby Duncum & Angelo Mosca vs Brad Armstrong & Ron Bass - *** ½ + 05-26 -SWCW- Terry Funk vs Bob Orton Jr - *** ½ + 07-04 -CWF- Barry Windham vs Harley Race - *** ¼ + 10-23 -GCW- Buzz Sawyer vs Tommy Rich (Cage) - *** ¾ 10-23 -GCW- Ole Anderson vs Paul Ellering (Cage) - *** ¼ + 11-06 -GCW- Brad Armstrong vs Joe Lightfoot - *** ¼ 11-06 -GCW- Jake Roberts vs Ronnie Garvin - *** + 1984 (4) 04-07 -GCW- Ric Flair vs Jack Brisco - *** ¾ - 07-03 -AGPW- Rick Martel vs Leo Burke (2/3 falls) - *** ¾ - 10-?? -CWF- Ric Flair vs Scott McGhee - *** ¾ - 11-16 -StLouis- Billy Robinson vs Kevin Von Erich - *** ½ - 1985 (13) 01-18 -Houston- Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams - *** ½ 02-12 -PPPW- Ric Flair vs Kerry Von Erich - *** ¾ 02-24 -WPW- Ric Flair vs Harley Race - *** ¾ 04-13 -CWF- Rick Rude vs Brian Blair - *** ½ - 05-05 -IWA- The Road Warriors vs. Dino Bravo & Jos Leduc - *** ½ 05-27 -IWA- Animal & Paul Ellering vs Rick Martel & Jos LeDuc - *** ½ + 07-29 -IWA- Les Rougeaus vs The Garvins - *** ½ - 08-16 -PWUSA- Ric Flair vs Sgt Slaughter - **** ¼ - 08-26 -IWA- Les Rougeaus vs The Garvins - *** ½ - 09-02 -CWF- Ric Flair vs Wahoo McDaniel (2/3 falls; Battle of the Belts) - *** ¾ 09-14 -CCW- Ron & Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden vs. Brad & Steve Armstrong & Dick Slater - *** ¼ 10-26 -CCW- Bill Ash vs. Roy Lee Welch (loser leaves) - *** ¼ 11-02 -CCW- Brad Armstrong & The Bullet vs Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden (I quit; Cage) - *** ¼ + 1986 02-14 -CWF- Lex Luger vs Jesse Barr (Battle of the Belts 2) - *** ½ 02-14 -CWF- Road Warriors & Blackjack Mulligan vs Kevin Sullivan’s crew (Battle ot belts 2) - *** ½ 02-14 -CWF- Ric Flair vs Barry Windham (Battle of the Belts 2) - **** ¾ 05-24 -CCW- Brad Armstrong & Tommy Rich vs Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller (No Dq) - *** ¼ - 09-01 -CWF- The Ninja vs Tim Horner (Battle of the Belts 3) - *** ¼ - 09-01 -CWF- Ric Flair vs Lex Luger (Battle of the Belts 3) - *** ¾ + 09-13 -CCW- Roy Lee Welch vs Tim Horner - *** ¼ - 09-27 -CCW- Brad Armstrong vs Kevin Sullivan - *** ¼ 10-31 -Stampede- Owen Hart vs Makhan Singh - *** + 12-20 -CCW- Roy Lee Welch vs Tom Prichard (Bullrope) - *** ¼
  2. MrMoonlight

    [1998-09-23-NJPW] Scott Norton vs Yuji Nagata

    I finally watched this one, as I heard Scott Norton saying in a shoot interview it has been his best single match ever. First, I've got to say: what a weird choice for a vacant title figh!. Nagata had just come back from us excursion, and won a tag tournament with Sasaki and looked great since his return, but not a signle big win in singles. Actually, I don't recall having seen one single match (I'am actually going through all the njpw tv + some other stuff for '98). As for Norton, he was just this dominant dude in 6 men tag nwo japan vs njpw guys. Then again, without a big single victory as of late. In the meantime Hashimoto was freh out his first G1 win... Anyway, It's a weird blend of strong style (as in "on his way toward shoot style" style, not being stiff or any other nonsense definition of it), so blend of strong style from Nagata with Hulkster like over the top no sell entertainment from Norton. On paper it seems there's no way this mix will end up with some good nugget, and, in a clumsy way at time, it does. It's basically a David vs Goliath dynamic, you know this works when the most brief glimpses of hope for the David gets big reactions from the crowd, and from you I guess. We definitively have that effect here, but they didn't do that much with it because the Nagata hope spots where not that many nor that big. So overall a nice match, pretty unique and though not a great match, something worth experiencing.
  3. MrMoonlight

    MOTYs by year

    As I read this thread, I thought it would be nice to have an overall view, so here are the overall combined tendencies of MOTY for each year. I added the amount of votes with +xx and some honorable mentions when another match ended up with a fair amount of votes which may makes you think of a MOTY change someday for those years. I didn't want to count for years with few amounts of votes. The list is quite killer, and with a nice range of styles. 1969-05-03 -JWA- Giant Baba vs The Destroyer +7 (...) 1973-05-05 -WoS- Jim Breaks vs Johnny Saint +3 1973-09-10 -AJPW- The Destroyer vs Mil Mascaras +2 1973-10-14 -NJPW- Inoki & Sakaguchi vs Lou Thesz & Karl Gotch +2 1974-07-25 -AJPW- The Destroyer vs Mil Mascaras +3 1974-01-30 -AJPW- Jumbo Tsuruta vs Jack Brisco +2 1974-11-20 -IWE- Verne Gagne vs Billy Robinson +2 1975-12-11 -NJPW- Antonio Inoki vs Billy Robinson +7 1976-07-24 -AJPW- Giant Baba vs Billy Robinson +7 1976-06-11 -AJPW- Jumbo Tsuruta vs Terry Funk +6 1977-03-05 -AJPW- Jumbo Tsuruta vs Billy Robinson +8 1978-12-15 -AJPW- Jumbo & Baba vs The Funks +4 1979-02-19 -WWWF- Bob Backlund vs Greg Valentine +3 1979-02-04 -AJPW- Jumbo Tsuruta vs Nick Bockwinkel +2 1979-04-21 -Houston- Wahoo McDaniel vs The Spoiler +2 1979-07-15 -AJPW- The Funks vs Adbullah The Butcher & The Sheik +2 1979-02-10 -NJPW- Tatsumi Fujinami vs Go Ryuma +2 1980-05-19 -WWWF- Bob Backlund vs Ken Patera +7 1981-09-23 -NJPW- Stan Hansen vs André the Giant +12 1981-04-06 -CWA- Jerry Lawler vs Terry Funk +7 1982-03-29 -CWA- Jerry Lawler vs Dutch Mantell +10 1983-09-23 -EMLL- Sangre Chicana vs MS-1 +8 1983-06-06 -CWA- Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee +6 1983-11-24 -MACW- Roddy Piper vs Greg Valentine +6 TIE 1984-12-05 -UWF- Yoshiaki Fuijiwara vs Super Tiger +5 TIE 1984-06-16 -WWF- Sgt. Slaughter vs Ion Sheik +5 1985-12-30 -CWA- Jerry Lawler vs Bill Dundee +8 1985-11-28 -MACW- Magnum T.A vs Tully Blanchard +6 1986-11-21 -AWA- Nick Bockwinkel vs Curt Hennig +7 Note: 1986 is one of the most spread out years with 17 different matches nominated, with 6 of them with +2 votes, the rest with only one. 1987-06-09 -NJPW- Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Riki Choshu +6 1987-01-06 -WWC- Stan Hansen vs Carlos Colon +4 1987-01-20 -JCP- Ric Flair vs Barry Windham +4 1988-12-16 -AJPW- Tenryu & Kawada vs Hansen & Gordy +12 1989-04-02 -JCP- Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat +8 1990-01-06 -EMLL- Angel Azteca vs El Dandy +7 1990-12-17 -EMLL- El Satanico vs El Dandy +5 1991-03-24 -WWF- Randy Savage vs Ultimate Warrior +4 (tie) 1991-01-13 -EMLL- El Hijo del Santo vs Brazo de Oro +4 (tie) 1991-08-11 -NJPW- Keiji Muto vs Masahiro Chono +3 1991-04-20 -AJPW- Jumbo, Taue & Fuchi vs Misawa, Kawada & Kobashi +3 1992-11-26 -AJW- M.Toyota & Y.Yamadavs Dynamite Kansai & M.Ozaki +6 (tie) 1992-07-03 -EMLL- Negro Casas vs El Dandy +6 (tie) 1992-05-25 -AJPW- Kobashi & Kikuchi vs Furnas & Kroffat +4 1993-07-29 -AJPW- Kenta Kobashi vs Stan Hansen +7 1994-06-03 -AJPW- Mitsuharu Misawa vs Toshiaki Kawada +19 1995-06-09 -AJPW- Misawa & Kobashi vs Kawada & Taue +19 Note: these two years (’94 & ’95) are the biggest plebiscites 1996-12-06 -AJPW- Misawa & Akiyama & Kawada & Taue +13 1997-01-20 -AJPW- Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi +11 1997-03-23 -WWF- Bret Hart vs Steve Austin +9 1998-10-31 -AJPW- Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi +5 1998-07-24 -AJPW- Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama +4 Note: ’98 is another one of those very spread out years with a large amount of nominees and several with +2 votes 1999-11-06 -AJPW- Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi +6 1999-06-24 -RINGS- Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto +4 2000-03-17 -CMLL- Atlantis vs Vilano III +11 2000-02-27 -AJPW- Mitsuharu Misawa vs Jun Akiyama +7 2001-04-01 -WWF- The Rock vs Steve Austin +4 (tie) 2001-12-23 -Monterrey- El Hijo del Santo vs L.A Park +4 (tie) 2002-10-20 -WWE- Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker +5 2003-03-01 -NOAH- Mitsuharu Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi +12 2004-07-10 -NOAH- Kenta Kobashi vs Jun Akiyama +6 2005-06-11 –IWA-MS- Necro Butcher vs Samoa Joe +4 2005-04-24 -Futen- Daisuke Ikeda vs Yuki Ishikawa +3 2006-08-12 -ROH- Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuiness +3 Note: another year with a lot of different nominees, several at +2, nowhere near secured by this ROH match. 2007-01-28 -WWE- John Cena vs Umaga +10 2008-02-23 -ROH- Bryan Danielson vs Nigel McGuiness +3 (tie) 2008-07-26 -BattlArts- Ishikawa, Otsuka, Sawa vs Ikeda, Usuda, Super Tiger +3 (tie) Note, then again too many other fights at +2, MOTY 2008 likely to change someday. 2009-04-05 -WWE- Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker +6 2010-03-28 -WWE- Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker +5 (tie) 2010-10-24 -Futen- Ishikawa & Oba vs Mashimo & Hashi +5 (tie) 2010-12-05 -AAA- L.A Park vs El Messias +4 2011-07-17 -WWE- John Cena vs CM Punk +15 2012-04-29 -WWE- John Cena vs Brock Lesnar +11 2013-08-04 -NJPW- Tomohiro Ishii vs Katsuyori Shibata +6 2014-08-01 -NJPW- AJ Styles vs Minoru Suzuki +6 (tie) 2014-04-06 -WWE- Daniel Bryan vs Triple H +6 (tie) 2015-03-29 -WWE- Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns +5 2015-01-04 -NJPW- Shinsuke Nakamura vs Kota Ibushi +4 2016-11-19 -WWE- The Revival vs DIY +4
  4. Classic material. The entrance with views of people in the audience... you can capture the atmosphere that’s already great before it starts, and oh boy, when it gets going they turn great into something special. I’ve never heard such a big pop for a kick to the chest as an example. There’s a lot of back and forth exchanges, none really gets to control the match for more than 3 minutes, but the selling is just brilliant. Quite like what Ishii has done over the last 10 years when he’s on, but ever better and from two guys with cult like aura. Really the kind of fight you should try to feel more than observe, if that makes sense to you. Anyway, pure gold, quite unique, moty candidate at least for njpw. **** ½
  5. Another good match between these two, it always click quite well but never gets to that level of greatness. It’s interesting how they built Chono here, he is no longer always cheating dirty heel but more of a fan favorite trying not to yield to cheating but failing at that on desperation. Chono escaped a german suplex position from back elbows, but after the couple of big bombs from Koshinaka, he escapes the dragon suplex position with a low blow. The crowd reaction is great on that one btw and overall the atmosphere is special right from the entrances. Chono is also built like THE man in G1, having won 3 of the first 4, but none of the last three with the idea that he gets there thanks to his in ring style mat wrestling, not too much damage, orientated. He gets plenty of damage here and sells it really well afterwards toward the end of that match. Anyway cool match, like bottom of NJPW top 25 for ’98 or close to it, not great but worth my time. 3.5*
  6. I only have the jip version from NJPW TV show, that second half is pretty cool but I'd love to see that first half, anaybody knows where I might get a full version of this one?
  7. MrMoonlight

    MOTYs by year

    Here is mine, though I’d need quite a lot of rewatching and it’s also, obviously, subject to change with all the things I still haven’t covered yet. I allowed myself bunch of draw where I couldn’t decide yet. And I thought it was cool to read comments from some of you so I added mine.
  8. Overall, the only two moments I feel they kind of lost their thing is early on after they built how difficult it was to take control or get a big move… and with the transition from the big domination over Kobashi’s knee and him delivering a not so good looking lariat that is sold as strong as giving Kobashi too much time to recover. Aside from those two moments, it was pretty much perfect. Akiyama’s selling after the suplex outside, for at least 5 minutes, is brilliant. The dragon screw to the outside with the crowd buzzing is great. I really dig the fact that they didn’t go for that many big bombs and most were very meaningfull and we still get some very good transitions from these bombs. At one point in the match, Akiyama goes back to the figure 4 and Kobashi comes close to be pinned, it feels like Akiyama could tell that Kobashi will never quit, and it’s as close as he could get to victory. Basically, then he will just try to put Kobashi out, who’s not stunned but “only” badly injured to the leg. This where we’re at after 25 min that flew by real quick, without too many big bombs and with, a lot of details which added a lot to the viewing pleasure. The last 10min ar as good, with a nice finish, then again without theuse of many big bombs. Clear MOTY contender, pure classic of what 90’s AJPW can do when their top 1 on 1 click on a very good night. 4.75*
  9. MrMoonlight

    Jun Akiyama

    I'm wandering through this amazing forum these last couple of days, having discovered you guys a couple fo years ago, reading almost only 1980's nwa/wwf reviews but man, this whole part with one thread for each wrestler where you debate about how great they are with so many views that I can appreciate even when I disagree is just amazing. So thank you all, really! Now, from what I read so far, if it was about the GTWE as in the Greatest Thread Wrestler Ever, this may be it: Jun Akiyama. I also felt like wrtitting my own stuff because some of you asked for a great Akiyama as a grumpy old veteran. There's one match I couldn't find on line (but I'm pretty sure I have it somewhere) but if you can get your hand on: 02-11 -Diamond Ring- Kobashi Kenta & Akiyama Jun vs Sasaki Kensuke & Kitamiya Mitsuhiro All the Akiyama vs Kitamiya interactions are Tenryu in a pretty damn good day like. I'll see if I can upload it and share, I'd love to hear some reviews of you guys on it. PS: it was nowhere to be found so I uploaded it, here's the link:
  10. Sadly, I have a slghtly clipped version, which is annoying because they go for a lot of details. From the reputation it has on this forum, I was expecting something really great as I have already enjoyed Fujiami winning the title to Sasaki. I feel like the work on the leg of Fujinami came as a surprise from Hashimoto but broke a little the pace of the match and in some extent the dynamic of striker vs grappler. On the other hand, I do dig that finish big time, Hashimoto’s acting is brilliant and it makes sense with what Yamazaki had done to Hashimoto during the tour before (Hashimoto is very dirty in those fights, going after Fujinami post fight and all) and obviously also by Fujanim’s skills. My only complaint is that I didn’t feel they built it soon enough in the bout and it stops that final part to be that ceiling breaker toward pure greatness, they were not reaching that built up spot yet. Still it’s a really nice match with that unique feel of sort an obscure era for NJPW between Choshuism and Inokism with Fujinami as the champion. Very memorable as well and potentially better if I can get my hands on the full version. 3.75*
  11. NJPW go for an AJPW type of tag epic, and it works pretty good. The first part is quite dry at times but the Chono/Tenryu interactions makes it woth watching. Then from these exchanges we have Chono trying to help Tenzan being in trouble and gets superplexed to the outside as a counter from Tenryu, he sells it really well and to the end of the fight. In the meantime Tenzan kicks out of a bunch of huge bombs and the crowd rallies behind him big time. Then when Chono comes back we get in that epic feel, even though everything is really good from that point on, I don’t think they built much more. Eventually the Nwo team gets the win on Koshinaka (who did a cool job during the first part) with Chono blocking Tenryu with everything he has left while Tenzan shines with his biggest moves. I love the attitude of Chono after the match, kissing Tenzan and basically giving him the props, big pop for Tenzan at the end btw. Really brilliant match from the njpw crew, among the best they had in the decade (though it wasn’t their strong suit anyway). 4*+
  12. The kind of NJPW tag match where they really try to create something special, pretty much in line with what AJPW were doing at that time. It’s the semi final of the iwgp tournament with NJPW young guns vs the outsiders team of WAR Tenryu and Heisei Ishingun leader Koshinaka. Here there’s a huge spotlight on Nakanishi working as a face in peril after a suplex from the apron to the outside by Tenryu (a spot they would eventually use in the finals on Chono). The hope spots stopped by Tenryu and koshinaka are a pleasure to watch. Tenryu is at his old grumpy bastard’s best. Kojima as the face in fire is pretty good as well in there. There’s a great moment when Koshinaka is trapped in Nakanishi’s torture rack and it feels like he will quit while we can see Tenryu getting Kojima out to save the day for the veterans. The crowd is on fire in the kokugikan; reacting big for Tenryu’s antics and rooting for the young bulls. Not a classic epic but one of those really strong and memorable tags from NJPW with Tenryu being just great in a big match environment. 3.75*
  13. One of the main strength here is that it’s very unique. Kanemoto is being outclassed, tortured and destroyed most of the match; he looks like a rookie in the hands of this awesome veteran, Wagner looks like a total killer here. Basically Kanemoto survives, survives, survives, even some huge bombs and ends up winning after 3 or 4 moves. I’m ok with that layout as long as the big come back is convincing enough and the big final transition makes sense. It’s my only complaint but it’s a crutial one regarding the layout on hands. I would expect some big counter move from the apron to the outside, or something, to give Kanmeoto room to recover and eventually win in an epic way, but to me, here it just happens. By the way, even though Kanemoto's selling of all this punishment is nice and the hope spots are really well done, it annoyed me that he often adjusted his kneepads or pants while he was supposed to be out. I also loved this thing with other Jr fighting each other, Liger and Otani helped the match just being at ringside. The crowd goes crazy toward the end and it makes this a very memorable bout overall. There was room for a true classic awesome match with a better transition toward the final minute, but because they built up that moment that ended up being disapoiting I will only consider this a really good unique fight among the best of ’98 Jr stuff. 4*
  14. Quite clearly it’s those moments with Tenryu and Hashimoto striking each other that make the match. It may be the best "back & forth exchanges" ever. Both men selling there is awesome, you can feel at its most intense the pain, agony and pride on both men’s facial expressions and body language (even better than Ishii at his best), now I can’t wait to rewatch their G1 ’98 match as I’m going through everything I have for NJPW that year. The rest of the fight was is quite good, the end with Tenryu throwing a chair is cool but nothing great. It may not be a top tier match for that year but worth watching for those Tenryu/Hashimoto brilliant moments. 3.5* +
  15. Got this one from Ditch, and it looks like classic stuff. Kanemoto portrays the perfect bully dick to fire Korakuen Hall, he lets Yasuraoka some offense only to break his momentum with one shot before it may become too dangerous. At one point Yasuraoka gets the upper hand but Kanemoto shows great timing at turning this into a bonafide extanded hope spot. Yasuraoka doesn't give up and ends up pushing Kanemoto quite far. Too bad we only got 11 of the 18min, I guess pretty much 7 min cut are just Kanemoto playing with his prey. But anyway, the finish stretch and Yasuraoka's celebration with the reserved new found respect for his opponent from Kanemoto makes it end on a brilliant note. It's the kind of match that makes you want to see more of these two: teaming, against each other or just by themselves. 3.75*