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[1999-08-14-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D phone interview / Arena highlights


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Wolfie D calls into the studio and claims that they were stranded on their way to the studio. Water was put in their oil, and now their car won't run. Wolfie cuts a hell of a promo, but considering what the standards were for stars at the time, top babyfaces having transportation problems as late as 1999 seems passe and just reinforces PPW as minor league. They show clips of a six-man elimination cage match from a house show, which comes down to Wolfie D vs Mic Tierney. Action looks really good, and Wolfie D had a lot to offer any company that would hire him at this point.

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I remember back in 92 when Austin Idol did the water for oil gimmick and said that Richard Lee did it to his plane to murder him. This is a step down from that. Wolfie takes a big bump off the top of the cage. He's already done more in Power pro than he did in KAW. Cage match looked good.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-08-14-MPPW-TV] Wolfie D phone interview / Arena highlights

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