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[1999-08-21-MPPW-TV] Show recap / Jim Cornette celebration


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They show something happening last week after Power Pro went off the air where Jim Cornette and Steve Bradley injured Randy Hales to the point that an ambulance had to be called. Dave Brown and Cory Maclin open the show taking on a completely different tone than usual, really putting over the idea that the attack went far beyond the pale. The announcers want Cornette to come out and explain himself, but he's too busy celebrating with all the heels. Corny throws the cameraman out and says they'll talk later when they are ready.

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Fallout from a hell of a show-closing angle, as Randy Hales eats a Veg-o-Matic with Cornette holding the tennis racket over his throat. Hales is stretchered out and Dave Brown even accompanies him into the ambulance. Dave and Corey give an understated and somber intro to the next episode, while Cornette is in a much more jovial mood. Somehow with Lawler out of the picture (he can't appear on broadcast TV during his mayoral run due to equal-time laws) Power Pro has gotten better than ever.

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