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[1999-09-06-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Bret Hart


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Bret is back! Finally, the announcers are treating him like a big deal. He has come back because there is one match that has eluded him in his career - he wants a match with Hulk Hogan. It doesn't even have to be a title match, although it would be great if it was. He has to know if he can get that match before he agrees to come back for another run. He's a total babyface here.

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WCW as usual was waffling on whether to pull the trigger on this match, because with Hogan wrestling Sting at Fall Brawl, they didn't want Hogan facing two babyfaces in a row. Yeah, I know, God forbid Hogan get booed, right? This is a good to-the-point promo that gets over big. Under the worst circumstances possible, the reset button has been hit and conditions are actually right to run this match and have it mean something. As usual, though, WCW will fumble the ball when it's handed to them.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-09-06-WCW-Nitro] Interview: Bret Hart

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