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[1999-09-25-MPPW-TV] Vic Grimes vs Steve Bradley (Cage)


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An actual studio cage match. Both guys work hard and this is a good match. Steve Bradley really looks like a prospect. Chris Cannonball tries to interfere and Angle stops him and they brawl out of sight. Robbie D also stops Kevin Christian from running in. Then Brandon Baxter stops Cornette and the match goes off the air before the finish. Well there's a blast from the past. But we do get the finish as whoever originally taped this spliced this together.

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Yeah, this was just total spot-fu, as is Grimes' wont, I suppose. The run-ins were sort of nicely chaotic but didn't really add anything since Bradley just pulled out a chain anyway. Despite the match not being much, I was pretty pissed when they went off the air in the middle of the match until I found they aired the finish the next week.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-09-25-MPPW-TV] Vic Grimes vs Steve Bradley (Cage)

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