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1. David Roberts ([email protected]) - Punk, you introduced me to Straight Edge and it's helped me tremendously. I just want to ask: Who or where did you pick up Straight Edge from?


Minor Threat, who else?


2. ([email protected]) - I heard about the gimmik wwe wants to use for u as in being a Deaf guy.do u like that idea? and do u plan to wrestle any more future matches in R.O.H?


Yes, I love it. Afterall, it was on the internet, so it must be true.


3. Becca ([email protected]) - Do fans often give you gifts? If so, what are some of the coolest things you've received?


Japanese fans always gave lots of rad gifts. I got a photo album once of my debut Kouraken hall from a cute japanese girl.


4. ([email protected]) - 1. Maby it is kind of stupid question but what is CM Punk`s favorite song of all time? 2. Is it hard to be an sXe in "wrestling world"? 3. Why WWE??? I think you know what i mean...


1...It's not a stupid question at all, however a hard one to answer. I listen to a wide scopeof music, it'd be way to hard and time consuming to pick one song. At the moment I can't stop listening to Cold Plays 'Fix You', and have been on a huge Ramones kick lately. 'Judy is a Punk' can't be beat. 2...no, it's not hard at all. It's hard to sleep. 3...I have no idea what you mean.


5. Sean McDonagh ([email protected]) - What will you do if wwe misuses you like they did with guys like shannon moore and so on?


I'll go out and purchase a hummer and buy a nice house, just like he did.


6. Jason Crist ([email protected]) - Is the WWE going to make you change your finisher, since a variation of the move is used by Triple H?


Yeah, they want me to beat people via count out ala the BERZERKER. Or maybe it was the anaconda vice...I forget.


7. Eric Halverson ([email protected]) - Hey man, i first and for most have to start by sayin that becouse of you i have a whole new outlook at life. Ok now to the question.. I'm starting my wrestling career at the moment here in milwaukee, im 16 and i evem have a 14 foot ring in my backyard. I'm being traind every weekend when i have the chance to. Do you have any pointers or tips for me as I go down the road of wrestling?


Get out of your backyard, get boots and gear, work anywhere you can for whatever money you're offered. Don't jump off your roof, that never got anybody anywhere...


8. Nathan Blodgett ([email protected]) - i just want to know where it is you got your kickpads? i really need a good pair of kickpads.




9. ([email protected]) - I was wondering what kind of work out Punk does, and what body part he focuses on the most.


I got this question a lot, and it's cool to me that people are interested. It'll take some time, but i'll write up some stuff and have it posted on the site. Working out to me is like crack to Tyronne Biggums.


10. Michael Reinhart ([email protected]) - I want to know how you got started in the wrestling buissness and how they all treated you?


I got trained by Ace Steel and Kevin Quinn. They beat me up a lot. Mostly Quinn, as Ace was busy eating burritos.


11. Kat ([email protected]) - Do the doctors expect the hearing loss to be permanent?


I'm not really sure. I'm supposed to follow up again in a couple weeks, but that probably won't happen. Hearing is overrated.


12. Steve Rose ([email protected]) - Hey Phil is there still heat between you and Teddy Annis (Hart) over your brawl in the cafe which cost you job in TNA? Or have you settled your differences.


This is a whole giant can of worms. I blame the internet. Fans who know wrestlers real name are pretty smart. Fans who call wrestlers their real names are pretty fuckin' stupid. And oh look, you even know Teddys real name. Good on you. Raven once wrote the greatest rant about calling wrestlers by their real name, and I feel the same exact way. Look it up and you'll understand why it's insulting to me, and most other wrestlers. Also,TNA didn't get rid of me because of the little slap fight Teddy and I got into. They told me to stop working for ROH, and I refused.


13. Steve Rose ([email protected]) - After working in Zero-One in 2003 would you have liked to work more Japan dates before you signed your OVW deal with WWE?


I turned down a couple tours this year because I wanted to focus on the stories I was telling in ROH. Japan was my second favorite place in the whole world, and i'd love to go back, but the timing and money was never right before I signed my deal...


14. ([email protected]) - What happened after the RoH show in Woodbridge, CT with the kid and you?


I chased him three blocks, he ran between some houses and hid in the bushes. P.S....the other question you sent in was really stupid.


15. Bobby ([email protected]) - Ok, what is your opio on gay marriages? Are you against or for them or what?


Marriage is a totally out dated concept. Gay, straight, whatever. The fact that there's a bunch of cunts out there that have an OPINION on somebody elses lifestyle and don't want them to have the same basic human rights everybody else has makes me want to clobber some rebublicans. Fuck the religious moral majority, let whoever wants to marry whoever, get the fuck married. I love the moral high horse hypocrisy bullshit. I know super religious pricks do tons of steroids, but a homosexual life style to them is reprehensible. Fuck that.


16. Wiggy ([email protected]) - Here's my question... Hey Punk, First I just want to say I ruptured my eardrum and lost 40% of the hearing in my left ear 2 years ago and it was excruciating. So I'm sending you a big hug sweetie and want to tell you that it's incomprehensible to me to think of not taking anything for that pain. I don't have the words to tell you how much respect I have for you. Now my question which I guess is a little silly but I've been dying to know for ages. Can you please please tell the boxers/hot tub contest with Chris Daniels story? The curiosity has been killing me slowly since you first mentioned it in your LJ.


Best question asked by far! I may tell ya the story, or I may start typing it all up and get sick of writing about a bunch of stupid cunts that are involved in the story. Only time will tell.....great question though.


17. ([email protected]) - What is your opinion of straight edge and the question of veganism? Do you think being vegan is an important part of being a straight edge or is it just an addition to the no drugs philosophy?


Vegan has absolutely nothing to do with being Straight Edge.


18. Matt Jones ([email protected]) - If you had to choose one thing for people to remember you by (Match, Promo, Angle...whatever) what would you choose.


I have no choice in the matter. By boyish good looks, and my promo ability.


19. ([email protected]) - How was your match against Val Venis on heat back in May (I think)? Do you feel it was a great match for your style? I thought it was pretty good and it was nice to see you in a WWE ring. Hope to see you again on wwe tv!


That match ruled. I credit it to being a huge reason as to why I got hired. Simply a very solid match, and I got to be me.


20. ([email protected]) - I was just wondering how are you enjoying working with Paul E., Al Snow, Danny Davis, et al down here in Louisville?


I love it. Lots of great, and different minds to learn from.


21. Steve Rose ([email protected]) - Hey, Punk I looked up about why it is insulting for wrestlers such as yourself to be called by your first name and i also read the Raven rant you mentioned, so I understand it all now. So my question to you Punk is who was your favourite wrestler(s) growing up and influenced you into professional wrestling?


Jerry Fox mostly.


22. John Gigliotti ([email protected]) - Name the biggest advtantage of being straight edge and the biggest disadvantage, too. The advantage is i'm strong for real. I'm not going to tear anything, or have my kidneys fail anytime soon. The disadvantage is people trying to critize me for it, for that just leads to bloody faces and such. My favorite is when some kid tells me i'm not straight edge because I eat meat. WISDOM!


23. Malcolm Hilferty ([email protected]) - 1.In the WWE is there anyone you have looked forward to be working with? Like Shawn Micheals, or even Chris Benoit... 2. Have you ever thought the WWE have made some bad choices for letting people go?


My goal is to work Eddie again. Benoit is a given. I can't wait to work HBK, HHH too. Anybody really. Selton Benjamin anyone? Yeah, i'd say there's some great matches ahead.....Kurt Angle! Fat Trevor Murdoch!


24. Mark ([email protected]) - Who are you most looking forward to stepping in the ring with in WWE? (Personally I'd love to see you feud with Eddie and Jericho) and are you a Sage Francis fan?


See above for answer, and who the hell is Renee Zell Wedger?


25. Stacie Burton ([email protected]) - I was wondering if you have a favourite quote or a quote which you live by.


"Every day above ground is a good day" and "luck is for losers" Also, "up yours" and "go fuck yourself"


26. Lee Chipp ([email protected]) - What Show(Raw or Smackdown)do you think you will end up on?


Raw, but that's purely speculation. I want to make people nervous with a live mic in my hand.


27. Lee Chipp ([email protected]) - Are you going to ever ware your Long Shorts again.




28. Lee Chipp ([email protected]) - So far what has been your biggest achievement in Wrestling?


Switching to trunks.


29. Marissa Campbell ([email protected]) - Hey Punk! I just wanted to ask you who some of your favorite female wrestlers were and if you had to have a female valet who would you want it to be?


I'd love for Rocky Romero to be my valet. He's my favorite female wrestler. At the moment, Bull Nakano, Beth Pheonix, and Daziee Haze are my favs.


30. James Goodwin ([email protected]) - Hey Punk. I'm a huge fan of yours and hope you take WWE by storm. At this current moment at time, which wrestlers do you think will be the big break out stars on the indie scence in 2006?



Davey Andrews, Shane Hagadorn, and I fully expect my other bastard children Jimmy Rave and Rodderick Strong to continue on their path of awesomeness. Sydal and Delirious as well, if they can get rid of that pesky Daziee "the" Haze.


31. ([email protected]) - What do you think about fans cheering for you even though your a heel? Does it bother you or are you ok with it? I cheered for you at the OVW show in Indy last weekend and you looked really good in the match. You gave me the "If i wanted your help id ask for it", I was just wondering if its ok for fans to do it or do you hate it. I was one who shouted James "By God" Gibson and im pretty sure you let out a quiet "armadilla".



Thanks for that by the way. It's an interesting arguement. I always say people can cheer or boo whoever they want to. This is the biggest reason to not follow any sort of a script while wrestling. Feel the crowd, go where they want, and take them on a ride....


32. ([email protected]) - When you get to the WWE, what kind of gimmick would you not wrestle under? How about Roger Tomko, Tyson Tomko's younger brother or Sandy Castles the hippie with attitude.



How about your email name being the best way to possibly describe you?


33. Clint Smith ([email protected]) - What CDs or tapes are in your car stereo right now?



I have an Ipod. I'm rich. Thanks to StevieCorp! I'm currently listening to a lot of the Warriors, Throwdown, Elvis, and Motown.


34. Do you get annoyed with all the 'anti-WWE' sentiment from the 'smart fans'?



Yup. A lot of fans negativity is par for the course. The ones who shit talk the wwe are the ones who are glued to their sets every Monday night. Trust me.


35. Jerome k ([email protected]) - Dear CM Punk, First I want to let you know, that you have (at least!) one big fan in Luxembourg! Secondly, as I know, you have already wrestled a few times in Europe. So, what is your opinion about Europe, about the lifestyle, the people and, of course, the wrestling?



Dude, i'm HUGE in Luxembourg. As far as Europe goes, Germans don't know how to drive. England has the most piss poor transvestites i've ever seen. Wales likes to throw lit cigarettes at me. I love Europe, I love the weather, I always found it a bit hard to eat properly while over there. P.S. Fuck France.


36. Zach Almighty ([email protected]) - I love the tattoo's you have. I was wondering if you could explain what the cards mean and the one that looks to be some sort of fish?(Can't really tell in any pics I've seen)



The cards are part of my "luck is for losers" piece. The ace of spades is the face card for none other than Ace Steel. The fish is a japanese koi fish, a symbol of good luck (also part of the same piece). Mine has three eyes in honor of Blinky the radioactive fish from the Simpsons.


37. Joe Hughes ([email protected]) - Might seem like a totally idiotic question but I've been wondering for awhile what make of hair spray/dye you use and if its bought off the internet or a high street store somewhere.



No man, the only Ex of mine i'm civil with does my hair. She's super rad, super hot, and has a brain as well (which is probably why she's my Ex.) Smart girl.


38. Limba Krakono? ([email protected]) - I've got 3 fast questions for you..1) What would be your first sentence in the ring facing off Triple H? .. 2) Was the pain during tattoing d-r-u-g etc. on your knuckles worse than in other part? .. 3) Will you try to be the main star of Rick Noon II?



Without any further ado....number ONE! "Where you want to go eat after the show?" number TWO! Getting knuckles done doesn't hurt number THREE! There can be no other star of anything Rick Noon is involved in except rick noon himself.


39. Sean McDonagh ([email protected]) - If you get fired from wwe would you go back to roh or any other fed?



No. I will sign a fat Pride contract and get paid more money than you'll ever see in your entire life to get knocked out by Mirko CroCop in under 7 seconds in what Dave Meltzer will hail as the best shoot fight of the year due to my aweome attempt to tell the ref that he pulled my hair.


40. Eric Bartsch ([email protected]) - Pepsi Plunge, Okay, so what is that move anyway? I heard through the grapevine that it was a Greeting-from-Asbury-Park variation, but I'm still not sure. Thank you for your response.



It's a flying bengal tiger over-the-top-rope kung fu high kick.


41. Dawn ([email protected]) - Are you going to ever join the World Wrestling Entertainment anytime soon?





42. Mellisa Misner ([email protected]) - I come from a town where kids start drug and alcohol abuse by the time theyre 12 or 13, and are ultimatly junkies by the time they reach 15. with that said, I think that sXe is an amazing way to live and is the way to go. what are the basic "rules" of Straight Edge? is it like scientology in that there is no medication accepted?



No Drugs. No alchohol. No promiscuous sex.


43. Mel ([email protected]) - Punk, I was wondering if you knew whether you're going to be on the European tours this November at all? Any chance you'll be coming to Dublin?



I'm not on TV yet, so no chance of me going, although i'd give many pints of blood in a grizzly fashion to be able to go. Dublin!!!


44. Pedro - Hey CM, big fan of yours. Everyone has been talking about your debut in the WWE and I am looking forward to it myself. You're the future and everyone believes so as well. My question is, if the WWE came to you and gave you the power to bring someone from ROH as your tag team partner who would it be? Also, my favorite type of match in the WWE is the Royal Rumble Match, what match would you love to be in the most and why?



Colt Cabana would be my pick for my tag partner. I would love to be in a rumble myself, but only if I was either the gut in the shortest amount of time, or the guy in the longest. There is no inbetween for me.


45. Marth ([email protected]) - Hello Punk, I was wondering if you have seen CP Munk and if so what where your thoughts on that?



I haven't seen it, but i've seen pictures. I'm split 50/50 on it. Some days I get real pissed about it, because it's disrespectful. I'm sure it's no secret that the dorks that run Chikara and I don't get along, so they're judgement on trying to "mock" me is a little off. Most other days I just laugh it off because nobody from Chikara will ever be over enough anywhere for anybody else to parody them. I win.


46. Joshua ([email protected]) - What are your favorite ways to relax and enjoy yourself when you're not on the road or working out?


Working out.


47. ([email protected]) - What is the best piece of advice you've ever recieved over the course of your professional wrestler career?



Be yourself. Don't doubt yourself. Keep your mouth shut, eyes and ears open. SAVE YOUR MONEY.


48. Derek Sturgeon ([email protected]) - Been coming out to OVW for the last few weeks now,and ive noticed a odd trend.Every week it seems that more and more kids are claiming that their "straight edge".This wouldnt be such a bad thing if they were actualy true to it and knew exactly what being straight edge was about.Ive been sxe for 5 years now and i tend to get aggravate when numerous kids are basicaly disrepecting my lifestyle. My question to you is.What are your thoughts on the temporary claimers?You know the ones that will say there edge as long as they like you?



I've been edge since I was 15, so that's 12 years. So you could be a "temporary claimer" for all I know. I've seen and heard it all before and the only thing I can tell you is don't be straight edge for anybody else. I'm straight edge for me. I'm not a hard liner, I don't care who drinks, who smokes, as long as nobody is pouring anything down my throat or blowing smoke in my face, I give no fuck. I've had people tell me i'm not straight edge because I eat meat, or because i have tattoos. It's all assine. The only thing that irks me is when people say "I used to be straight edge", because if you're not now, you never were. Thus the phrase, "true 'til death". There's sellouts all around us, I have no use for 'em, I worry about me.


49. Clint Smith ([email protected]) - My friends and I are talking about taking a trip to Indiana for an OVW house show. Are you working all OVW house shows? Or do they randomly assign you to them? What are your top five albums of all time?



1.) I'm on all the house shows. 2.) Okay, great fucking question! Clint Smith gets a gold star! In absolutely NO order, I stress again, NO ORDER. Also subject to change on a daily basis, depending on mood, weather, season, which body part I happen to be working on in the gym, and many other variables: Faith no Mores Angel Dust. Rocket from the Crypts RFTC Misfist box set (yes you crummy fuckers, it counts). CCR choronicles vol. 1. Ice Cubes the Predator. Rancids Let's go. Metallicas ...and Justice for All. Less Than Jakes Borders and Boundries. Bouncing Souls Maniacal Laughter. The Clashs London Calling. Yes, that's ten. And I left out SO fucking much is insane. Hmmmm....maybe a top twenty five is in order so I don't have to leave so much out.....Minor Threat, stray cats, motown stuff, stevie wonder, elvis B-side collection. Fuck, I could go on forever...really, really intelligent question, thank you so much.


50. Matt Jones ([email protected]) - 1) What chant pisses you off more: You Sold Out or You Fucked Up? 2) Seeing as you have an iPod, do you listen to any of the wrestling podcasts out there, or any podcasts in general? 3)What's the worst thing a crowd can do in a wrestlers eyes, to legit piss them off?



1.) Chants don't piss me off, except the really lame forced deuling chants. 2.) I have no idea what a podcast is. 3.) Well, you could hit the wrestler, THAT would piss 'em off. I don't suspect you'd walk out of the building though.


51. ([email protected]) - 1) What are your thoughts on Steve Corino coming out dressed like you at a recent Ring of Honor show? and 2) What do you think of Josh Prohibition and him using the Straight Edge gimmick?



1.) Corino is a friend, honestly what he was his way of paying homage to me since he couldn't in in Chicago for my last show. I colaberated a bit with him on it, I loved it, and I now know what I'll look like when i'm sixty. Thanks Steve! 2.) Straight edge isn't a gimmick, Josh is really edge. His mom also makes the BEST chicken and biscuits. I miss him and M-dude.


52. Cameron ([email protected]) - Your trilogy with Joe is godly. I can't write exactly how you've had an impact on my life in this email, but just know that you have, and not with your straight edge ways particularly. Question: I'm going to be a pro wrestler one way or another and I'm 16. I have the option of training at a local school here in Australia while attending University, or finishing Uni and then move overseas to train at hopefully a better school. Which would you recommend? Would it be best to try and move overseas and train while in University?



I get this question a lot. Finish school. If you can jugggle school and training, go for it. Move overseas AND train while still going to University? That might prove to be difficult. My stamp of aproval obviously goes on the ROH school. Nowhere else boasts not only the facilites, but the ability to learn from such talents as Samoa Joe to Jim Cornette. As far as the few who have asked me about local Chicago schools, i'm a bit out of the loop. I'm not sure if Eric Priest is taking on any new students, but that's the best place in Chicago to learn your craft. Eric Priest and I have trained side by side, and he gets my stamp of approval hands down.


53. Danielle ([email protected]) - Does he have a myspace account? I have seen many other wrestlers on myspace, and was wondering if he had an account as well. If he does, could I have the URL to his page?



Nope, no My Space.


54. Marc H ([email protected]) - Did you have to endure constant peer pressure to give into the evils of drinking and/or taking drugs? And if so, how did you deal with it?


I've never wanted to drink, smoke or do drugs. Peer pressure to me makes zero sense, as my entire life, I didn't care what other people did. I also never cared what people thought of me. The thought of somebody not thinking I was "cool" because I didn't drink was always laughable to me.


55. xXx Fozzy xXx - Hey Punk. I've got some quick questions. First one: What's you're favorite Cartoon Series, like the simpsons. And who's you're favorite character? Have you ever been in Denmark? Because I noticed in a Farewell Tribute that you had a shirt with a Danish flag on it. Thanks for answering. ?mit Ajrula


1.) G.I. Joe. Although starkly different then the comic book, it still had it's moments. Some great memories of watching those in my younger days. Favorite characters on the TV show would include: Ship Wreck, Destro, and the Baroness. Lord they had some great voice actors. 2.) Ya know, I have no clue if i've ever been to Denmark, so that probably means no. I also have no clue about a shirt I own with the danish flag on it. Weird. You're welcome for answering, thank you for thanking me.


56. ([email protected]) - What era of wrestling would you have liked to be in? The current era? The Attitude era? The NWO prime? The cartoonish 80s or one of the old school eras of the 70s or before?


I was born twenty years late. To be able to travel from territory to territory learning and growing as a wrestler and just wrestling nine times a week would've been rad




He seems to veer between funny and dickish, and I get a feeling he's going to get a LOT of shit in the WWE locker room for being straight edge.


I wonder how he's going to react when he gets released after a year of jobbing because WWE needed to free up money for the next Diva Search.

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I think Punk was the single most overrated guy on the indy circuit over the last 2 years. He's a decent worker but can't play face/heel very well and his promos are extremely overrated. Inring he's decent enough but he tends to suck horribly when he's having an off night.


I think he might blow his spot up like he did in TNA. He's a big hothead and I could see him getting in another public brawl with someone.

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Guest Kilgore Trout

I think Punk was the single most overrated guy on the indy circuit over the last 2 years.  He's a decent worker but can't play face/heel very well

Compared to which indy wrestlers exactly?
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Seriously, a guy who's vocally Straight Edge signs a contract with a company known for its drug and sex scandals. It's like a lame sitcom plot.


I'm sure Punk will just laugh and go swim in his pool filled with $20 bills like some sort of hardcore Scrooge McDuck, but he has to know what he's about to run into.

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Samoa Joe, American Dragon, Homicide, Low Ki when he's not being a shithead, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Colt Cabana are all better workers. Joe and Dragon go without saying. Cabana is only slightly weaker inring than Punk but he's miles ahead of him on the mic and playing face/heel. Homicide is also much stronger inring. Styles and Daniels have been able to carry themselves in a larger promotion without causing a PR nightmare like Punk and have dealt with the time restraints better than Punk did during his TNA run.

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Guest Kilgore Trout

Samoa Joe, American Dragon, Homicide, Low Ki when he's not being a shithead, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Colt Cabana are all better workers.  Joe and Dragon go without saying.  Cabana is only slightly weaker inring than Punk but he's miles ahead of him on the mic and playing face/heel.  Homicide is also much stronger inring.  Styles and Daniels have been able to carry themselves in a larger promotion without causing a PR nightmare like Punk and have dealt with the time restraints better than Punk did during his TNA run.

I was more asking about the face/heel thing and he's clearly not worse in that respect than anyone youlisted.


I also don't know how you could possibly consider him weak on the mic if you've seen any of his roh champ run or the awesome, bloody, pissed off babyface promos about Jimmy Rave.


And since when does getting in a fight constitute a PR disaster for a fucking wrestling company.

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When your wrestlers are brawling on the streets of the city that's your homebase. It makes the company look bad. Especially when the company was trying to sell itself as having a positive effect on the community.


CM Punk is ok on the mic. He's just never convinced me that he can do much outside of what he normally does.

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Shit-how much Punk have you watched?


Punk put on 2 legit good to great babyface performances against Jimmy Rave in a cage on 5/14 and 6/18 vs. Austin Aries.


And then his heel run on 7/8, 7/9, 7/16, and 7/23 vs. Lethal, STrong, Gibson, and Daniels respectivly, was as good heel work that has been done in the US in a while. Certainly better than any WWE heel work since heel Bret.

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Austin's paranoid heel gimmick was some of the best work the WWF had ever seen. They never should've done heel Austin and it was doomed to failure from the start but he did some great work.


I'm not saying Punk's bad. If I was rating him he'd be a solid B, B+ wrestler but he's not the A+ a lot of guys act like he is.

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Guest Cam Chaos

Shit-how much Punk have you watched?

Seconded. How much, Mad Dog?


Punk's not Kenta Kobashi by he's more than capable in the ring when given time and a decent opponent. He is better on the mic than he is in the ring, but he doesn't suck ass in either respect.


As for Raven's rant on kayfabe names, I actually think he had something along those lines published as part of an interview in Power Slam magazine after leaving WCW.


The gist of it at the time was that he feels that if you do not know him personally, you shouldn't feel you are on a first name basis with him. Backstage people call each other by their stage names unless they actually wrestle under their real name simply because it's the way they do things and the workers and agents respect that. People won't call Rey Mysterio "Oscar" backstage for example, they'll call him Rey however Eddie Guererro and Chris Benoit are simply Eddie and Chris. He also made the point that if wrestlers go to the effort of creating a character in wrestling it's part escapism and part act. They are not their characters however their characters are things that they have to work hard to develop, build credibility and interest around, so for someone who thinks they know him to approach him and refer to him by his given name is kind of like crapping on all his work to entertain you and sell you the illusion of wrestling in the first place. If he wanted to be known in wrestling circles by his first name, he wouldn't have the Raven pseudonym to begin with.

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I've seen plenty of Punk's matches. I never said he was a bad worker. Just that he's nowhere near the level people put him on as a worker.


And as for the real name thing. Why would someone approach a wrestler and call them by their real name. That makes no sense. Wrestlers should rightly shit all over anyone who does that. I don't even know that many wrestlers by their real names and it honestly annoys me when smarks make a thread about a wrestler using his real name. I think the other reason to shit on those people is because it's their way of trying to put themselves over as knowing a lot.

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The only time I refer to a wrestler by their real name is in a case like Ed Leslie or Paul Wight where they've had multiple gimmicks and you're not sure which one to refer to them as. And in those specific cases, if only briefly, they've both been referred to as their real names on TV. In person, I wouldn't call either one of them by their real name, though.

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OK, well, what about if you were to go to, let's say an autograph signing. Let's say The Big Show is there and after he signs you an autograph you say "Thanks Mr. Wight." Would that be wrong? My friend did that and after he did it, I thought it was disrespectful and ignorant. I never brought it up with him though. Even though The Big Show has been referenced as Paul Wight on-screen, would that still be unacceptable?


It seemed like a clear cut case of my friend trying to get himself over to me. Almost as if to say "yeah, I know your real name because I read the internet."


I can definitely see why it could piss off some wrestlers. I mean, shit, it pisses off some non-wrestlers!

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Guest Cam Chaos

Also, a valid point in regards to the "well other people on TV don't insist on being known by their character's name!" thing people always bring up.


Wrestlers generally don't have seasons, they don't have short term movie projects etc, they are on the road the majority of the year, day after day in the same role, for years and years on end and as such probably only get referred to by their first names when at home or in the company of friends.


Meanwhile an actor like Tom Cruise is Tom Cruise 60% of the year and 4-6 different characters the rest of that time and even then he's only known by his character name when filming. Generally actors that do stay in character 100% of the time on sets are generally praised for doing so for their dedication. On the other hand, wrestlers are frowned upon for doing so, even though they probably are told to by managment (God knows how conflicted Angle must have felt doing a press conference speech about wanting to shag Sharmell a couple of weeks after his wife, kid, home life and others matters were mentioned in a local newspaper article about him). So for someone they are unfamiliar with to call them by their name when 90% of the time no one does is probably as jarring as it is annoying that someone they have never met presumes they have "the rights" their family and friends do.

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