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[2001-05-05-MCW-TV] American Dragon vs William Regal

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American Dragon vs William Regal - MCW 05/05/01


Regal was the current commissioner on WWF TV and was doing a courtesy shot for Memphis TV and does the usual big star degrades young rookie and crowd. Says Bryan has a helluva career ahead of him, prophetic. Bryan stands up to him. Really fun, short technical arrogant veteran vs plucky energetic rookie. Great technical exchanges early, big bump to the outside transitions into a more violent affair (Regal really starts cranking away) into a wicked hot finish stretch. Definitely check this out for some prime Regal and Bryan. ***1/2

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I'd skipped some Power Pro, so it's sort of nice to see Dragon without the mask again, although I'm not sure how they got there.

Just a great technical exhibition. Loved the work in the armbar. 

"Welcome to the south, buddy. This ain't Blackpool. Put on your Lynyrd Skynyrd and get on with the match." 

"Dragon says 'that's it.' Any time someone says that's it, it's never it." But the following move actually is it.

Very fun, recommended.

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