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The Sheiks (Blackwell & Adnan)

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The birth of this team into AWA tag title contenders was an excellent angle, where they as a new team were given a non-title match in Chicago to replace a Japanese team "that couldn't make it". They won that match, earned title matches because of it, and made an extended run at the tag titles and had an excellent feud with the High Flyers, almost winning the titles many times.


(The post non-title win interviews from the High Flyers are great FWIW, they are pissed that their act of helping Wally Karbo fill a hole in the card results in the Sheiks earning title matches.)


One thing to consider here might be "variety of opponent", specifically in regard to matches available on video. High Flyers, Dog/Baron, Dog/Brunzell, Verne/Dog...you can see where this went. My memory is fuzzy at this time of the day but I'm not sure how much outside of what I listed for opponents for these two is around in terms of matches that were complete enough to accurately rate this team. Same problem as Blackwell/Patera have IMO. Of course, your individual mileage may vary on whether there is enough.


I would say that in my case it isn't impossible I would include them on a Final List, but it isn't any sort of slam dunk. I have the luxury of remembering the impact of their interviews and angles when they happened and of course that will enhance anyone's standing. But going on pure available footage, does enough exist?

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I love Al-Kassie so u got my vote. I love in ring promos and Al-Kassie was heat seeker with his Iraqi accent. Btw he legit went to grade school Saddam Hussein!

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