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[2011-01-01-IPW-Showdown in Naptown] Sami Callihan vs Kyle O'Reilly

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These two start really quick going after each other strikes, just trading knees and forearms and slaps. It settles away from a NJPW mid match sequence into a pretty good rough and tumble match.


Callihan's dive is not pretty but looks pretty bad ass. Everything in this is really laid in. That whole segment on the floor just felt like a fight in a really good way.


The chops, damn. Kyle's offense got a little silly (rolling butterfly suplexes?), but Callihankept everything looking great. O'Relly has really improved and took out some of the silly crap.


The ending stretch was pretty decent in an MMA way.


Overall this was stiff and pretty well grounded. Good match and a good way to start the #wrestling365 project in 2016.


I'd give it like *** 1/2




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Not much more I can add that Grimmas hasn't already said...


I wish Callihan had focused on the leg moreso to help set up the finish, but there's lots to like about this match. They beat the piss out of each other. However, the kneeling and trading strikes thing feels a bit overdone to me.


Definitely worth watching.

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