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[1982-12-07-AJPW] Bruiser Brody vs Terry Funk

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NWA International Champion Brusier Brody vs Terry Funk -AJPW 12/7/82


Can I change my Harley vote to Brusier Brody? I kid, I kid. Don't be afraid of this match, Embrace The Brody! I think if people stop thinking of him as a Wildman, but rather as Frankenstein then he would be more appreciated. He has just been misunderstood. On serious note, his point blank refusal to bump for Terry at the end of the match really hurt this match. I get being stingy with your bumps, but you need to bump at some point! Terry sold his fucking ass off in this match. No one sells the trepidation of having to fight a monster better than Terry Funk. He went in trying to land blows and Brusier just hit the bodyslam and massive leg drop to take control. Terry started to grab his ear so Brody smashed with a chair and then the post. Terry fucking blades it and then holds it for the rest of the match. This is a master class in selling. Brody hits a MONSTER piledriver for two. Funk starts swinging while holding his ear. His entire comeback is great. He slams Brody on hard objects, busts him open and throws a fucking table at him. Funk is ripping it up. If Brody would just fucking bump! Funk realizes he wont so he scoops the leg for the Spinning Toehold. Here comes Hansen! They brawl some more before Dory comes out and all Hell Breaks Loose. Terry is throwing chairs in the ring that Hansen & Brody are using to brutalize his brother. Jumbo grabs a chair and sends them packing. The brawl continues, great angle to set up the tag match for the Real World Tag League!


Better finish and if Brody would fucking bump, this would be an all-timer, as is it is super fun, great Terry Funk performance. ****

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Terry fucking Funk.

My God his selling his match is off the charts great as is a performance to behold. I havnt really watched much of Brody, but he's just killing Funk in the first half of the match and Funk is just tremendous working from underneath and trying to survive the sheer onslaught. Brody pounds on him, throws him around and just brutalizes poor Terry.

Brody is kicking the shit out of Funk, who ends up being busted open and bleeding like a stuck pig. I can't underestimate enough how great Funk is at his selling here. Brody nails him with a chair and judt won't let up. He keeps bouncing off the ropes and kicking Funk right in the head.

Funk doesn't know what him or where the fuck he is. His ear is bleeding heavily and Brody is still kicking him to death. This has been a complete mauling by Brody and Funk's selling and even his bump off a simple dropkick is great.

Brody hits a fantastic piledriver for two count. Funk starts swinging while holding his ear. Funk eventually manages to make a come back by low blowing Brody. He takes over by grabbing Brody's head and rams his head into the post, breaks a table over his back and starts punching him. All this of course busts Brody wide open too.

Crowd is going crazy at this point, then Stan Hansen turns up. He just kinda observes at first, tjen eventually he steps in and then Dory shows up for kicks. Funk starts hurling chairs in the ring like a madman.

Brody getting Dory to stop punching him by pulling his t-shirt over his head and Dory continuing to swing wildly even though he can't see fuck all :D Wonderful

Man I enjoyed this. Funk put on an incredible selling display here and his performance in this match would rank as one of his best in that regard. His selling and bumping were so spot on and made Brody look like even more of a fucking monster. His comeback was great and even though it was a cluster ending, it was so entertaining it didn't matter. Maybe Brody could have sold better in the match though, he had his moments, but another bump or two would have made it better. But this was all about the funker.

It's one hell of a sight seeing Funk bleeding so much from his ear here, esp when he's making his come back. His whole left side of his face is crimson red and he's literally a bloody mess.

Yeah, Terry fucking Funk.

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