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[1986-11-09-WWC] Carlos Colon vs Stan Hansen


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Another great, compact brawl with a very different feel from the previous one. When Colon missed the jumping knee in the corner, I thought, he's Stan Hansen and they're doing a brawl, no way is he going to go after the knee, but he did! And it was great! And he managed to do limb work that fit the chaotic nature of the match. They followed suit with Hansen missing a lariat and crashing into the ringpost which led to Colon targeting Hansen's arm during the mayhem. This feels like a super high rating for a match this short, but if anything, I wanted to go higher. I do think of the two brawls, this is the slightly better worked ones, although both have their merits, and I'm starting to get a feel for Carlos Colon as well. He was definitely impressive in this match. ****

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Some background context:


After our previous match, Stan Hansen appeared to have won the Universal title thanks to loading up his elbow pad with a foreign object handed to him by Al Perez. However, a week or so after the match, a segment aired on commissioner Pedro "Huracan" Castillo overturned the title change due to the illegal object that was used. As a result, Carlos Colon was still the champion, but a rematch would take place.


This return match is from the Estadio Hiram Bithorn. To start, Colon turns the tables on Hansen and jumps him to start the match. Hugo mentions that Hansen was not expecting for Carlos to jump him right out of the gate with such ferocity. This match is basically a brawl out of the ring, with Hansen eventually grinding Carlos' face against the fencing. The turning point comes when Hansen tries to lariat Carlos by a metal tube and ends up hitting the tube when Carlos dodges. Colon proceeds to work on the arm. Hugo once again mentions on commentary that Hansen is a former AWA champion, that he didn't lose the title, instead he turned it in to the AWA president and is now here for the Universal title (that's a subtle way to put over your top title / make it seem important). Carlos is on the offensive and at one point starts biting Hansen in the corner. The ref backs Carlos off and Hansen proceeds to load up the elbow pad and catch Colon with a loaded lariat. As the ref counts the pin, Commisioner Pedro Castillo jumps in the ring and stops the count. He calls for the bell and declares Carlos the winner by DQ. Hansen, pissed at this turn of events, proceeds to attack the commissioner. He piledrives Colon and hits a loaded lariat on the commissioner outside of the ring before leaving the ringside area.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1986-11-09-WWC] Carlos Colon vs Stan Hansen

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