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[1986-12-21-WWC] Carlos Colon & Huracan Castillo Sr vs Stan Hansen & Chicky Starr


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Another compact and chaotic match, this time a tag match that was wrestled like it was a Texas Tornado brawl, whether it was one or not. I think this suffered a little bit only because Hansen and Colon were so ridiculously "bigger" and more charismatic than their tag team partners, but the junior team members did work hard and this was lots of fun. ***1/4

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Some background context:


After the ending of the previous match, where commissioner Pedro Castillo had DQ'd Hansen for using a loaded elbow pad and Hansen attacked the commissioner, it has led to the following decision: Stan Hansen is suspended from wrestling in Puerto Rico. Chicky Starr, Hansen's manager, is outraged at this turn of events. Between overturning the Universal title win and now suspending Hansen, Chicky is getting pissed at the commissioner. So with Hansen seeming ly out of the picture, Carlos Colon focuses his attention on the challenge of recent arrivals TNT and his manager El Profe. Meanwhile, Chicky and Ron Starr are the reigning North American tag champions and are facing the challenge of young upstart team of second generation wrestlers, Miguelito Perez and Huracan Castillo Jr. (they would be dubbed the Carribean Express). ,This young team challenged the Starr Cousins for the belts but were shot down by the Starr cousins with their reasoning being that they would have to beat them first in a non-title match. The Express managed to goad them into a match and beat them. After several attempts, Perez and Castillo managed to win the titles from the Starr cousins. However, later in the year, Castillo Jr. was hurt during a match (I think it was a fractured arm) and was taken out by Chicky Starr. As a result, Miguelito started teaming up with a wrestler named Big Red. Chicky expected the tag belts to be vacated since Castillo Jr. was injured. Instead, commissioner Pedro Castillo determined that Miguelito and Big Red would continue to defend the belts and declared them the champions. Chicky took exception to this (and along with all of the other decisions he felt had been made against him and his charges), accused the commissioner of playing favorites and attacked Castillo Sr. (leaving him a bloody mess).


As a result of this attack, there is no decision for suspension this time. Instead, this will be settled in the ring. Commissioner Pedro Castillo, considered the biggest rudo in Puerto Rico during the 70's, is coming out of retirement to team with Carlos Colon against Chicky Starr and the returning from suspension Stan Hansen. Basically, we are seeing the return of the Pareja Atomica (what they called Colon and Castillo Sr. when they teamed up in earlier years). In an interview on TV the weekend of this match, Colon said that he wants to shut up Chicky Starr, that Hansen's been the only wrestler he hasn't been able to beat 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring, that Hansen insulted his friend the commissioner and that they were ready. Everyone knows that Huracan Castillo Sr. was the biggest rudo there had been in PR and that Colon himself can step up and stand toe to toe with anyone. It won't be a match, it will be a war. Castillo would focus on Chicky and Colon would focus on Hansen.


this tag match is fom the Estadio Hiram Bithorn at the year end show. The referee is Victor Quinones. This is a brawl. Huracan Castillo's shirt reads Mr. Encyclopedia, which was his nickname when he wrestled. Colon is basically face-in-peril for the first part. Colon manages to tag out after a foul on Chicky. The match turns into a brawl again, with Colon and Hansen on the outside and Castillo and Chicky in the ring. This has basically turned into a Texas Tornado match. Hansen eventually brings the bullrope into the ring, nails Colon and proceeds to strangle Carlos with it. Hansen launches Colon over the top and hangs him. The ref tries to stop it and gets elbowed by Hansen. Believe it or not, this is what causes the ref to DQ Hansen and Chicky. The faces make the save and Colon is attended by a first aid physician.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1986-12-21-WWC] Carlos Colon & Huracan Castillo Sr vs Stan Hansen & Chicky Starr

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