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[1985-06-30-Mid South-Oklahoma City, OK] Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express

Superstar Sleeze

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Midnight Express vs Rock N Roll Express - Mid-South 6/30/85


The Rock N Rolls were just weeks away from jumping to Crockett and lifting the belts off the Russians in their debut match. This is the swan song of Part 1 of this famous rivalry. I thought this is the best Eaton/Condrey vs. Rock N Rolls match I have seen. I still hold that Wrestlewar '90 match is the pinnacle of these two teams. Midnights were at their stooging, clowning best early. Eaton could not get anything right. H plowed his foot through Condrey's midsection and then accidentally monkey flipped him! The bit with Eaton asking the crowd if his hair was pulled and being met with unanimous no's only to ask Loverboy Dennis & Corny to get some yes' was funny. Condrey tripped up Gibson when the ref was distracted and MX's go to work. Where I think this loses out to the Wrestlewar matches is that MX settle for a lot of choking in this. Except right at the beginning when Eaton hits the Alabama Jam. The fans go nuts at this flagrant cheating! God bless this crowd! It becoming apparent to me that amount Morton played Ricky Morton is overstated, Gibson did his fair share in the FIP role and was quite good at it. With the MX going for less offense, it was his selling that was engaging. He is always good for the slow wandering will or will he not make it. I thought the superplex on Eaton was a great transition and the hot tag was molten. Usual quick RnR finish run with Morton hitting some punches and then melee sunset flip call it. I find these RnR hot tag finish runs to be unsatisfying frankly, but I loved the shine and heat segment. I would say right in the same ballpark as the Fantastics match. ****1/4

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