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[1985-10-06-WCCW-Cotton Bowl Extravaganza] Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez (Hair vs Hair)

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Kerry & Kevin Von Erich vs Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez - WCCW 10/6/85 Hair vs Hair


Definitely lived up to the hype and build of this feud. This was the last shining moment of World Class as it was all downhill to probably one of the saddest most pathetic years in wrestling history, World Class in 1987.


The Dynamic Duo are not happy that David Manning is the ref. I liked all the quick pins early. This match is not about hurting each other. It is about humiliation. The quick pin means you avoid getting your head shaved and you get to shave your rival's head. it makes sense to go for quick pins. Also, liked that unlike most Von Erich matches we do get some selling from the Von Erichs and real sense of heat. Kevin was fighting hard, but it was a thumb to the throat by Gino that turns tide. Adams really manhandled Kevin to force him to sell and it was a great performance from Kevin. I loved the Iron Claw to the abdomen as a hope spot only for Adams to come crashing down on Kevin. I thought the hot tag was not milked enough, but this is Texas so that is to be expected, but Kerry is so over there is still a huge reaction. The crowd wants to see Dynamic Duo lose their hair and Von Erichs to keep that every nearfall is super hot. Adams sells the Discus Punch so well. Kerry is a great hot tag such a great presence. SUPERKICK~! Damn, I love that move. Great nearfall. Kerry reverses a suplex into a sleeper hey this isn't a Flair match. :)

Gino interferes and Kevin trips over Kerry to get to Gino. I love that type of chaos. The heels switch out. Adams comes up short on the Superkick and DISCUS PUNCH! Does anyone sell it better than Adams? Kerry charging into corner and Kevin is great trying to corral his brother into his corner. Gino slams a chair into Kerry and KEVING IS PISSED! Everyone arms themselves with chairs. Kerry milks the count. Gino applies sleeper on Kerry. They knock heads the favorite spot of the 80s. Both tag out and Kevin meets Adams in the middle and overwhelms him. Nice dropkick and big bodyslam. Misses kneedrop. Kevin never hits those moves. Adams hits a great suplex really gets some nice force on it. Kerry and Adams slugfest. CLAW~! Gino interefers. Kerry fighting with Gino. SUPERKICK~! Powder into Kerry's face, but Kevin cross body. Powder into Adams' face and Kerry rolls up for win.


The hair cutting post-match is great. Adams gets the Friar Tuck hair cut and Chris Von Erich tackles the escaping Gino and they give him the Missing Link haircut. You cant separate the great post-match from the great match together they form a classic wrestling moment. ****1/2

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This is from a big outdoor show at the Dallas Cotton Bowl. The crowd looks absolutely vast even with large empty sections but apparently it was only around 26,000. There must have been no one on the side of the hard camera. This is a huge stadium. The screams for the von Erichs are deafening as you'd expect. There's lumberjacks around the ring and the ring announcer says there's not enough time to announce all of them but he does give special mention to Fritz's "nephew" Lance, who shakes hands with the two real von Erichs in the ring. This was amusing given I'd just seen the von Erichs episode of Dark Side of the Ring where they touch on the misstep that was the Lance von Erich push. David Manning is the special referee which the heels aren't happy about but everyone else seems to think it'll be just fine. Bill Mercer points out that the lumberjacks are there to stop the losers from getting away rather than to throw the wrestlers back in the ring.


This match is definitely aided by the great crowd and the lumberjacks shouting and beating on the mat. It lasts about 10 minutes and the work is frenetic and chaotic. It gets across the idea that both teams desperately want to get the win here as soon as possible. Kevin particularly looks determined as he jumps around trying to get to Hernandez and Adams. The von Erichs get the win as Kevin dodges some powder and partner hits partner with Kerry rolling up Adams for the win. Adams gets his haircut first but Gino is the bigger deal and the lumberjacks carry him into the ring. He managed to break free and almost escapes but young Chris von Erich tackles him to much fanfare. Hernandez gets his head shaved and everyone's loving it. As he runs off there's a commotion at ring side and I spotted a man in a cowboy hat, who may or may not have been a wrestler, giving a fan a right old whack. Good fun.

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