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[2000-01-22-WCW-Saturday Night] PG-13 vs David Flair & Crowbar


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Well in the race of better second generations stars, It is easy to see just in this match who has that covered. David Flair is a real mess in the ring here being out of position and stumbling around. Pg-13 is really spirited as a team still and it is kind of a shame that the availability of indies wasn’t around in 2000 as I could see PG-13 going through multiple promotions for short runs with their top tags. We get a hubcap vs. crowbar battle and Wolfie D comes out on the losing end. Funny moment where JC Ice misses the finish and celebrates way after the fact. *


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PG-13 mic time got interrupted by David Flair and Crowbar, which makes them the biggest heels in WCW in my eyes. I think I liked this more than soup if only to see PG-13 work more of a fast-paced sprint than we usually saw out of them in their USWA studio matches. It's good to see that side of them just to know they have it in them. They are way too good to just be doing jobs on WCW Saturday Night, least of all to a tag team that includes David Flair, but I'm at least glad to be watching them in some form.

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Flair jumps PG-13 on the outside as they’re doing their introduction and Crowbar then flip dives over the ropes to the floor on all three of them. David opens with J.C. Ice and he just looks plain awkward in a wrestling ring. Slingshot bodysplash by Crowbar and he tags Flair back in by hitting him in the head. As the referee tries to get Crowbar out of the ring Wolfie nails Flair in the back of the head and J.C. rolls out of there. Wolfie with a tilt-a-whirl slam on Jamie, dropping him on Flair for a two. Wolfie misses a senton off the top and David tags in Crowbar. He slams J.C. onto Wolfie and hits a springboard moonsault onto both. David and J.C. start fighting on the floor, and with the referee distracted by them, Wolfie nails Crowbar with a hub cap. J.C. gets back in the ring and starts celebrating, but while the referee tries to get him out of there David clocks Wolfie with a crowbar (the item not the wrestler!). Crowbar then drapes his arm over Wolfie and the ref counts the fall whilst a none-the-wiser J.C. Ice continues to celebrate thinking they’ve won.


Of the four PG-13 matches in WCW that I’ve watched this was the worst. David Flair is just so bad and awkward in everything he does. I can understand Crowbar being the one you hot tag, but that leaves Flair playing FIP (not really sure if that’s the right term as a lot of these wrestlers on the C-show seem to flip between face and heel from week to week) and he’s no Ricky Morton that is for sure!

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-01-22-WCW-Saturday Night] PG-13 vs David Flair & Crowbar

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