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[2017-01-06-CMLL] Barbaro Cavernario vs Rey Cometa


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First two falls aren't much, like usual, but I loved how Cavernario no sold the superkick, it was especially effective because the move itself looked pretty bad, but also it totally seems like something he would do. They really get going on the tercera, both have very nice topes and the match never devolves into your-move-nearfall-my-move-nearfall stuff you are bound to see in this kind of matches. The comparison with the Volador/Mephisto match that happened on the same show is very accurate; here the momentum changes with smart transitions like Cometa reversing the move Cavernario used to win the first fall and they are not afraid of laying some strikes between the big moves. A notch below their previous encounters (which is understandable, here they were the second match on the card, while the other two matches were an apuestas and a title contest) but still really fun.

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