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  1. JimArg

    The greatest match of all time

    Bracito/Cicloncito/Mascarita vs Damiancito/Fierito/Pierrothito, but Guerreros vs Infernales 09/30/1983 is my heart pick.
  2. JimArg

    The greatest match of all time

    I forgot to mention Cochisse/Satanico, that match def has a case for me, probably the best lucha title match.
  3. JimArg

    The greatest match of all time

    MS-1 vs Sangre Chicana definitely. Then something like Tamura vs Yamamoto, Tamura vs Han (01/22/1997) the New Japan '84 Gauntlet, El Dandy/El Satanico apuestas from 1990 and Ikeda/Ishikawa FUTEN.
  4. JimArg

    MOTD by Decade

    1960s - Giant Baba vs The Destroyer - 03/05/1969 1970s - Alan Sarjeant vs Clive Myers - Joint Promotions 02/21/1977 1980s - Sangre Chicana vs MS-1 - EMLL 09/23/1983 1990s - Tie between Hijo del Santo vs Negro Casas - CMLL 09/19/1997 and Kiyoshi Tamura vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto - RINGS 06/24/1999. Seriously can't pick. 2000s - Yuki Ishikawa vs Daisuke Ikeda - FUTEN 04/24/2005 2010s - Virus vs Guerrero Maya Jr. - CMLL 06/07/2011
  5. First two falls aren't much, like usual, but I loved how Cavernario no sold the superkick, it was especially effective because the move itself looked pretty bad, but also it totally seems like something he would do. They really get going on the tercera, both have very nice topes and the match never devolves into your-move-nearfall-my-move-nearfall stuff you are bound to see in this kind of matches. The comparison with the Volador/Mephisto match that happened on the same show is very accurate; here the momentum changes with smart transitions like Cometa reversing the move Cavernario used to win the first fall and they are not afraid of laying some strikes between the big moves. A notch below their previous encounters (which is understandable, here they were the second match on the card, while the other two matches were an apuestas and a title contest) but still really fun.
  6. JimArg

    JvK reviews pimped matches from late 90s-10s

    I don't think anybody mentioned Shibata vs Ibushi from 07/29/15. I didn't like the match at all, but Parv might dig it.
  7. JimArg

    Wrestle Kingdom 11

    Just watched Okada/Omega and it wasn't very good. There's like a constant theme between most New Japan main event matches where all the parts are alienated. They might work in a vacuum, but when you put them together, it's kind of a mess. Here Omega spends some time working Okada's back and neck in the beginning, he's not the best offensive wrestler, but I liked his dropkick to the back of the head. Then, Okada gets back into the match and forgets all about it, like saying "Ok, that part of the match is over, let's move on". After that there's the big moves starting with a top rope dragon suplex that I never bought as a believable nearfall and...yeah this wasn't for me, pretty formulaic New Japan main event despite being longer and more excesive. I agree with the comments about Omega's acting, his mannerisms worked much better against Naito, here I felt like he was trying too hard and it didn't feel organic at all.
  8. JimArg

    Current Lucha Talk

    On the top of the poster it says "revive las mejores luchas de 2016" (in english means "relive the best matches of 2016") so this is like a 2016 rematches show. Pretty cool.
  9. JimArg

    Current Lucha Talk

    After the original Mistico left, they gave the Mistico character to Dragon Lee in 2012. The current Dragon Lee is Mistico II brother.
  10. JimArg

    The Great List Of Meme Wrestling Matches

    Sting vs Jarrett from Halloween Havoc 2000 definetely. The weird cage/X Division trios match from 2015 Triplemania was an awful trainwreck. Another one AAA related is the La Parka vs Cibernetico apuestas match from Triplemania, I won't spoil it because the ending minutes are wonderful. Taker vs Warrior body bag match might also deserve a mention but it isn't very amusing to watch. I recall a wrestling match in a fed here in Argentina that ended with a wrestler hanging his opponent on a crane in the middle of the street,
  11. Another very good in their feud, the two of three falls structure works perfectly to give more freshness to the matchup, since this was the 4th match in two months. Alberto goes quickly to the arm of Kalisto and attacks it with viciousness. He really nails the acting of an abusive heel, he manhandles him, and tries to rip his mask off. The champion, however, proves to be quicker and gets ahead with all his rapid movements, giving good use to his mexican heritage and pulling some neat spots off. Alberto, now being in danger, makes the best move he could make, steals a page from Rick Rude's book and disqualifies himself, with the purpose of further damaging Kalisto. This allows him to easily win the second fall. The third fall is also very good, every move has cool little details, Kalisto hope spots were great and the ending was creative and makes total sense regarding the narrative of the match and the fall (Kalisto tried that quick pin earlier). Really good stuff.
  12. Yeah, this ruled. I really liked all the staredowns and teasing at the beginning, like Caristico trying to hit Park with a chair and the referee getting on the way, until the action finally explodes and you have Escorpión and Park blasting Tiger and Caristico with a wooden board. The beatdown was great with lots of cool spots, the técnicos were pretty good at their comeback and I wasn't bothered by the ref being involved. Great match.
  13. Somebody explain to me where this match came from and why it was so good. It is a mascara against mascara of two wrestlers that I have never seen in a singles until now. The first fall is not too much, although it serves to establish Galactar as rudo, there is a fairly good chain wrestling sequence sequence and the final submission is great. I prefer apuestas with longer primeras, but whatever. The second starts with Delta looking to equate things quickly, making a ridiculous spot (although quite cool in its ridiculousness, being honest) to get a quick comeback. He wins the fall with another cool submission. To this moment I liked what I had seen, but I wasn't convinced on developing almost the entire match in the tercera, specially having Canis / Trauma as a point of comparison only a few months ago. However, it far exceeded my expectations, it has ridiculous dives where they almost kill themselves (and kill people in the audience), nearfalls with lots of drama, revenge spots, BROOM SHOTS, violent strike exchanges, etc. It also has a superplex followed by a michinoku driver (just because I bought completely that false fall I'll give it a pass) and a false ending that was not very convincing. Other than that, it's a very good match, worth a watch just for the brooms.
  14. Imposible is one of my favorite indie guys in lucha, I don't think I ever seen Relampago before, but if it's a singles with Imposible, I don't care. Relampago jumps the champion on the stairs giving him no time to breath, tossing chairs onto his head, ripping up his mask, standard stuff, but it works really well. When they hit the ring, Relampago quickly opens the cut on Imposible's forehead and wins the fall (botching a moonsault, of course). The second fall is more lengthy than usual (if you are used to modern CMLL, it's a breath of fresh air) and after a few minutes, Imposible achieves his comeback. And it's great. And brutal. He goes on a rampage, throws a chair right to Relampago's head on a tope, throws him over the barrier, onto the chairs, rips his mask, opens a cut on his head. I loved it. After that, they tease a two falls victory for Relampago when Imposible was trying to finish the fall, which I bought, and have a really cool exchange outside with vicious headbutts and punches. Sadly, the match feels incomplete because the rudo ref gives the fall to Relampago with a quick count to build up to a future title match. Very good match, but the lack of a real finish brings it down. I'm hoping for a mascara vs mascara in the near future, because they have really good brawl chemistry together (is that even a thing? well now it is) but with Mexico, you never know if this kind of things will actually happen.
  15. JimArg

    [2016-08-21-Chilanga Mask] Black Terry vs Wotan

    I'm still in awe of what I've just watched. I don't know where this stands with the other high end matches of the year, Trauma/Canis is the best mascara contra mascara since Villano/Panther, Styles/Reigns the best and most ambitious WWE Heavyweight Championship match maybe ever and Rush/Park is, well Rush/Park. Whatever, this is just rambling, the only thing that matters now is that Terry/Wotan was fantastic. Black Terry has faced many different opponents, but I don't think I've watched a match where he fought someone like Wotan, some crazy dude that makes a living out of DTU death matches. That's the reason why this contest starts at this level of ridiculous violence, like Matt D stated way better than me, Terry just wants to prove himself against a particular opponent, one that has light tubes broken on his head in every match. Of course, he's able to match every punch, every headbutt, every chair shot that Wotan hits, the violence never stops, only escalates, and neither of them can stop. The culmination of the match is a bit confusing, but the image of both wrestlers rolling on the grave and hitting each other on the face fits perfectly and it's so great.