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Old school vs. New school

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Every Friday.




Parv and Timothy kick-off another weekly PWO feed exclusive pod blast: old school vs. new school.


Matches reviewed:


Fred Yehi vs. Anthony Henry (1/7/17)

Dory Funk Jr and Terry Funk vs. Abdullah the Butcher and The Sheik (9/19/78)

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Quentin represents the new school this week, while Parv stays in the old school seat:


Matches reviewed:


The Young Bucks vs. Men of Low Moral Fiber (Kenny Omega and Chuck Taylor) (4/10/09)

Ted DiBiase vs. Jake Roberts (7/22/85)

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Hi, like the concept and length. Chad, you may want to check out Bateman on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood which is free on the Fite TV app. His gear is darker there and they add a shirt to the look which I thinks helps cover some of his odd physique. On the most recent episode uploaded, he had a nice match with B Boy which was pretty strike heavy structurally. Bateman has some idiosyncrasies that can be off putting like his 'stinger' selling neck injuries but he's overall enjoyable to me.

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