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[2017-01-03-Stardom] Kairi Hojo & Yoko Bito vs Io Shirai & HZK


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This is the main event of Stardom first show of the year with the new tag champs, Hojo and Bito, taking on Io and her Queen's Quest partner HZK. The QQ duo control the early going with some effective bullying tactics, managing to cut off the ring on both Hojo and Bito at separate times. HZK looked solid working as a heel and was fine holding her own during the finish although she should try to develop her own shtick rather than aping Yoshiko. Io and Hojo carry the the finish of the match. The two of them continue to have fantastic chemistry together. A high quality main event to start off the year for Stardom. ***3/4

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Seconding the praise for this match as a really fun start to the year for Stardom. It was fast moving show with different looks up and down the card. Its not a stretch to say that Io Shirai is one of the 10 best wrestlers on the planet. Great offense & presence along with timing that forces everything to be sold in her matches. Here, she & HZK work so well as heels getting heat on Hojo & Bito. I was also very impressed by HZK and Bito as they more than delivered when in rather than being completely outshone by the Shirai/Ho, which is always a distinct possibility. It builds nicely after the heat to a babyface comeback with solid transitions and great escalation down the stretch before a finishing run that's neatly wrapped up.



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  • GSR changed the title to [2017-01-03-Stardom] Kairi Hojo & Yoko Bito vs Io Shirai & HZK

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