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[2000-02-08-CMLL Japan] Fugaz vs Ricky Marvin


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Some good mat work to start gives way to Marvin opening it up. He then does a completely nutty dive where he does a springboard corkscrew dive to the floor. Incredible agility there. Fugaz tries a swantom dive and misses a bit hitting the floor with a nasty looking bump. Fugaz redeems himself with a sliding tornado DDT sending both into the Korakuen crowd. After a bit of back and forth, Marvin is able get the pin. Just a collection of spots but some were really impressive. ***

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So many monkey flips to start the match. Some awesome looking monkey flips I should say. We all know Ricky Marvin is awesome and was criminally underused in CMLL but Fugaz was awesome here. Luchawiki says he's now Ramstein who I remember as an opener match rudo. Here, he actually keeps up with Marvin's offense. Hell he might be more impressive than Marvin. Loss is right that this is a good nitro match. Lots of flips and spots with little filler. I also love that the ring says Toy world order.

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The atmosphere here was pretty weird but man Ricky Marvin was out of his mind crazy in this hitting highspots. As a match this wasn't too much but as a showcase of moves (especially for Marvin) it was a really fun time. They threw some pretty crazy difficult spots into this and I enjoyed watching Marvin throw himself all over the place.

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This was a total spotfest but a 10 minute spotfest involving Ricky Marvin is more than fine with me because Ricky Marvin is an awesome highspots wrestler. Fugaz didn't overly impress me in this. He seemed a little off the pace on a couple of spots but most people would get undermined by Marvin in this sort of match. Forgettable match but spending 10 minutes watching Ricky Marvin highspots is hardly the worst way to spend 10 minutes.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-08-CMLL Japan] Fugaz vs Ricky Marvin

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