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  3. I was pleasantly surprised by the match itself. Both guys worked really hard and built to some good nearfalls before the time limit draw. Kobayashi's selling was very good. Ultimately, this is a bad spot for both guys because of the lack of heat. Tough to do a great garbage match with big nearfalls in front of so few people making so little noise.
  4. cramerjason87

    [2000-03-26-BJW] Tomoaki Honma vs Jun Kasai

    Really interesting match. It felt like a New Japan young lion vs a veteran match with weapon shots. They did a great job of engaging the crowd with nearfalls. Honma had some fantastic offense especially the brainbuster. Kasai sold well and had fire on his comebacks. Interested to see more Big Japan after this match.
  5. It's difficult to tell how good this match was with the clipping but it looked fun. NJPW is consistently entertaining through these first three months. The no selling got a bit extreme here but I respect the effort you get out of every NJPW heavyweight.
  6. Dull match mainly because of Team No Fear. There was a lack of intensity in the way the match unfolded. Had a similar structure when Shiga was in to the singles match he had with Akiyama but without Akiyama the match didn't work.
  7. Mr. Mexico looks so good in the clips. High intensity when he is on offense. The clipping makes it hard to judge how good the match is but getting a chance to see Mr. Mexico here is worthwhile.
  8. If the first half of this match is anything like the back half this could be a classic. The finishing stretch is such a back and forth struggle. Crowd was going nuts and all four guys looked great. Such a big fan of the pace of heavyweights in New Japan in these matches.
  9. cramerjason87

    [2000-03-20-NJPW] Jushin Liger vs Don Frye

    Frye has a look and instincts for pro wrestling. He does a great job keeping the leg work on Liger interesting. His strikes look good too. Match loses steam because of Liger's spotty selling.'Ok match but seeing Frye in this match compared to the Sasaki match was impressive, he totally gets it.
  10. cramerjason87

    [2000-03-19-AAA] Oscar Sevilla vs Gran Apache

    It is interesting to watch a match with double juice take place in the rain. The actual match is pretty decent considering how slick the ring is. Pretty intense brawl with some nice sequences.
  11. An epic struggle between two masters. The match gets better every time I see it. If anything in this project is in the same stratosphere as this match I would be shocked. I wish I had the words to express how great I think this match is.
  12. Such an easy match to watch. Non-stop action but what made it so fun was the variance in how each pairing worked. Tons of dives and big bumps.
  13. Fun stuff. The rudo team was great all around. The brawling in the first fall was very good and intense. I liked how they mixed in some more traditional sequences in the second fall before going back to the brawling for the finish. Texano busting open Perro Jr. looked great. Best thing from AAA so far.
  14. Absolutely outstanding. The fueds in CMLL are so intense. Rivera and Mr. Mexico spent every second of this match attacking each other. Everything they did looked crisp and violent. The other 4'guys did a very good job of staying out of the way and providing interesting sequences between the brawling. The third fall dive sequence was great. Best low blow I've ever seen by Mr. Mexico at the finish. Loved this match.
  15. Scruffy match due to some poorly timed spots but interesting. Hopefully more minis matches show up.
  16. After watching the other Onita Pro six man tags from the year it has become clear that these are just hard to follow. Everyone fighting at the same time just leads to it looking like nothing is happening. The finishing sequence is pretty good though. Still love Onita.
  17. cramerjason87

    [2000-03-11-AJPW] Jun Akiyama vs Kentaro Shiga

    Akiyama was superb. This match structure is great but tough to pull off if the wrestler dominating can't get across the lack of fear they have of the other wrestler. Akiyama was sending a message through Shiga. Had enough hope spots to remain interesting and Akiyama was great at selling, which has been his strong suit this year. The finish was perfect. Fun match that showcased Akiyama's versatility.
  18. Loved the visual of the Villanos walking through the crowd pushing people to get to the ring. The emphasis on taking off the mask completely of Atlantis in the first fall was great. Can't wait to watch the Mask vs Mask match again.
  19. Fun match. I was really impressed with Dr. Wagner Jr.'s charisma to the Japanese fans. He feels like a real star in the juniors division. Kanemoto and Otani are great here.
  20. Felt like the match could never fully click. Tajiri did a tremendous job dealing with this terrible crowd, which was bad even ECW. It continues to amaze me how much of a superstar Tajiri comes off as. He is giant deal at this point.
  21. Crazy Max is outstanding in the clips here. They are such a polished rude act at this point. Shinzaki was fantastic as the ass kicker babyface. Would have loved to see the whole match because this is by far the best of these 6 mans I've seen so far. Can't wait to see more Crazy Max.
  22. Wild, sloppy, and highly entertaining match. The double climb out stipulation was used really well. LCO's sloppiness and no-selling worked as a positive in that it made the match feel more unpredictable. Maekawa and Watanabe were great babyfaces. The finish was really bad which hurt the match. Not near the level of Kong/KAORU but a fun match that with more focus and a better finish could have been great.
  23. Entertaining brawl. It continues to be a pleasure to watch Satanico in these matches. He can do it all.
  24. cramerjason87

    [2000-03-02-BJW] Mens Teoh vs Masayoshi Motegi

    Basic match done in slow motion. The crowd does not help. Teoh brought nothing which was disappointing.
  25. Really disappointing considering the wrestlers involved. Lacked the wildness a match like this should have had. The sparse crowd didn't help. The bodyslam spot on The Winger from the apron was really nasty looking.