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[2000-02-18-ECW-Lacrosse, WI] Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Little Guido


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At the point with these ECW matchups that I feel like I am really saying the same thing over and over. This had a couple of new highlights including Tajiri hitting more knee strikes than usual. Why does Guido always trust Tajiri? Tajiri is again the first guy out to a lot of boos from the crowd. Guido has been able to get a lot of pins on him in these multi-mans. It seems like Crazy is tapping out to an arm submission but the ref says no. Guido slams Crazy through a table which kind of made me roll my eyes. The other action between Crazy and Guido had some nice technique around it and Guido is really proficient at making all of his moves and his bumps look really strong. Crazy picks up the win tonight with a disgusting brainbuster. ***

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This is another match being overdone, although this is more tolerable because the work is far better and they don't rely on props. It's probably also a little unfair of us to make that criticism, considering that we are watching everything and only the most hardcore of hardcore fans at the time were watching all ECW fancam releases. We'd probably say the same about the WWF, for example, if we had all of their house shows. Still, we can only comment on the complete footage picture that we have. This crowd LOVES Tajiri with all of their black hearts. In terms of action, most of what we see is pretty standard, but the crowd reactions show how invested people are in Tajiri as a character by this time, and how strong of a job ECW did building him up as a player. Tajiri again gets eliminated early, which seems to be something to do for surprise sake only. I like giving Crazy and Guido some wins as well, but Tajiri is easily the biggest star of the three at this point and it's a house show, so why not send the people home happy? Still, this is a very involved crowd and I could stand for them to run Wisconsin a lot more often. These fancams really have done a lot for Little Guido. I wonder if I'd see him at the level he deserves to be seen without them. ***

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I liked this well enough. Some new twists on the match - Guido putting out Tajiri, Guido body slamming Crazy through a table he was standing on, Crazy's low blow on Guido. Otherwise pretty standard.


Watching as much Crazy as I have recently - I wonder if there was a ceiling for him, or whether ECW just wasn't creative enough in using him. Was Paul just too lazy to do anything other than matches against Tajiri and Guido? Or did his inability to cut promos leave them with no choice but to put him with guys who could work his style? Could they even have had guys cutting promos on him? There's not exactly a lot of character there, other than being, uh, crazy.

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Crazy is introduced second, sprints to the ring and Guido high tails it out of there. Guido starts arguing with someone in the crowd and Tajiri kicks him in the lower back before Crazy dropkicks him out the ring. Tajiri and Crazy trade armdrags, Tajiri takes to the floor and Crazy is about to dive onto him, however when he runs the ropes Guido hooks his ankle tripping him. Guido goes for a springboard double axe handle off the top rope, but is met by a Tajiri kick to the mid-section. Tajiri ducks a clothesline and with the arm swinging, Guido slaps on the Fujiwara armbar. Tajiri breaks it by biting Guido in the forehead and the two then exchange slaps to the chest. Dropkick to the legs take Crazy and Guido off their feet, and the two appear to be making a deal to work together and take out the Japanese Buzzsaw. Double clothesline, Guido with a tornado DDT that Tajiri blocks and he crotches him on the top rope before boxing his ears with a kick that sends him tumbling to the outside. Tajiri follows him out and as the two of them fight on the floor, Crazy with an Asai moonsault. Crazy throws a couple of chops to Tajiri’s chest, he tries to retaliate with a kick but Crazy grabs the leg, however this just allows him to transition to the Tarantula. Russian legsweep on Crazy by Guido and Tajiri gives him a round of applause and shakes his hand, only to double cross him with a pair of kicks. ‘Tree of woe’ and a dropkick to the face. The fans chant ‘one more time’ and is about to oblige, but as he runs is met by a Crazy missile dropkick. Guido with the ‘Maritato’ and Tajiri is out of there (much to the fans disappointment who boo and call ‘bullshit’ at it’. The two of them ignore the chants and continue with the match regardless. Crazy misses a reverse crossbody and Guido with the ‘Sicilian slice’ for two. It appears that Crazy is tapping off a Kimura, but the official either doesn’t notice or doesn’t know what a ‘tap’ means. Irish whip, Crazy leaps to the middle rope, but as he springboards backwards with a flying forearm, he’s caught with another Fujiwara armbar. A loud ‘where’s my pizza chant?’ starts and Guido just gives them all the finger! Crazy with a series of punches in the corner, whip to the opposite one is reversed and when he goes to leapfrog over the inrushing Guido, he catches and then plants him face first to the canvas. He’s pissed that it doesn’t get him the three so throws Crazy to the outside, and as he stands on the ringside table, bodyslams Crazy through it. That’s still not enough to put him away though. Crazy with a headscissors and a spinning DDT for a two of his own. Moonsault off the bottom turnbuckle and as he goes for one off the middle Guido gets his knees up. The ‘Maritato’ is blocked with a low blow and a powerbomb for a near fall. Delayed brainbuster right on the head and that’s enough to finally get the three and the win.


I think it’s impossible for these three to have a bad match and completely different to what they did last month (bar Tajiri still being the first one eliminated and Crazy getting the win instead of Guido). The Tajiri elimination seemed out of the blue, but maybe it’s a case of getting him out of there early to avoid the ‘obvious’ result. I’ve ragged on ECW crowds aplenty, however this lot were top class (with the exception of that ‘bullshit’ chant) and Guido gets so much heat and response from them. Really liked the new stuff such as the transitions into the Fujiwara armbar, the missile dropkick/’tree of woe’ spot and Guido even resorting to bodyslamming his opponent through a table to try and put him away. Real good match and that brainbuster for the finish looked nasty.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-18-ECW-Lacrosse, WI] Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Tajiri vs Little Guido

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