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[2000-02-19-ECW-Milwaukee, WI] Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Taijiri vs Little Guido


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Cool looking venue for ECW here. An all action match with no wasted motion. This differs from the night before in having Sal involvement. Tajiri pins Guido first in this one and I’m interested if there is something to the fact that Guido seems to win a lot of these 3 ways on the strict fan cams but loses the matches shot for tv. Crazy mooonsaults to the outside and hits a great superkick from Tajiri. Crazy actually gets a low blow that may or may not have been on purpose and wins with a lionsault. ***1/4

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It's amazing I've seen iterations of this match so many times and I still don't think it's gotten stale. This was a bit more abbreviated than their usual fare since it was taped for TV and it was worked to be a bit more crowd-pleasing, eliminating Guido early and focusing more on the more established Tajiri-Crazy matchup. Fun match.

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This match is being taped for TNN and Big Sal is back with Guido tonight. Up until the moment Crazy hits the Asai moonsault, move for move the match they did the night before in Lacrosse. When he returns to the ring Crazy starts saying something to Sal, who grabs him and pulls him to the outside. Sal whips him into the guardrail and runs, attempting to squash him against it, however he moves and Sal goes careering over it and into the front row (a staple Sal spot). Crazy with a plancha off the guardrail to Sal while Tajiri and Guido fight out in the aisle. Same Tarantula set up between Crazy and Tajiri that they did the previous night. Guido whips Crazy into the corner and as he goes to vault over him, Guido catches and pancakes him face first to the canvas for two. Handspring elbow from Tajiri, but Guido snatches him and hits a Russian legsweep for another two. Tajiri blocks the ‘Maritato’ with a kick to the groin, Crazy with a tornado DDT and Guido just about kicks out. Lionsault sees Guido get his knees up, only to get boxed around the ears by a Tajiri kick and then eliminated after a brainbuster. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Tajiri who responds with a flying headscissors, but a spinning heel kick sends him to the floor. Crazy with another Asai moonsault, this time though Tajiri moves, he lands on his feet and gets dropped with a superkick. As the crowd chant for ‘Super Crazy’, Tajiri spits on them and then covers his ears. Handspring elbow and a dropkick to the face. Tajiri turns to the ringsiders, forgets about his opponent and gets levelled with a clothesline. German suplex, but Tajiri flips all the way over, lands on his feet and a standing huracanrana. A second rana and Crazy rolls through with a sunset flip for two. Tajiri goes for a leapfrog, however Crazy with a low blow and a quebrada off the top for the win.


Good stuff as you’d expect with these three, although the second half of the match (Crazy vs Tajiri) felt rushed. Whilst the early goings were a repeat of the night before, as always there is enough new stuff and spots to keep it interesting. Surprising to see Guido eliminated first as he always fares better in the house show matches. Guessing with this one being recorded for TNN it shows where they actually consider him in the pecking order.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2000-02-19-ECW-Milwaukee, WI] Super Crazy vs Yoshihiro Taijiri vs Little Guido

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