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[2000-02-26-MCW-TV] Jerry Lawler vs Road Dogg


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Kevin Kelly is filling in for commentary this week. Road Dogg interrupts King and they have a back and forth including some Who Wants to be a Millionaire jokes. After they get separated, Road Dogg is kind enough to go through his pre match routine. If he does that, who is the fucking heel here? Nothing much happens in the match before Pain and Morton interfere and then Dogg and Lawler team up to clean house of them. *1/2

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I know someone gave Road Dogg the greenlight to keep doing that. I won't even blame Road Dogg since if he was told to stop as a heel, he would have done it. But it does suck. Lawler's explanations for his heel commentary on Mondays and Thursdays is always awesome because it's such bullshit and people buy it. This match doesn't last too long, but Lawler at least knocks enough sense into Road Dogg for a couple of minutes to actually be a babyface if he's going to act like one anyway, deciding to come to Lawler's rescue when the KAW guys run in.

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The TV episode opens with a confrontation between Jerry Lawler (in the ring) and the Road Dogg (on the stage). Dogg says that the WWF champion, Triple H, has a problem with ‘The King’ because last time he was at The Pyramid he teamed up with The Rock against him. He says all these good things about them every Monday and Thursday night, but when The Rock was in trouble that night ‘the crowned one’ came out to save the day and almost crippled Triple H with a piledriver. He is here for one thing tonight and that’s to get an apology for ‘The Game’ in front of everyone. The Dogg tells him that he either gives him an apology or he’s going to kick his ass. Lawler says that he may say some good things about him and DX on a Monday and Thursday, but he only does that to play Devil’s advocate. If he should apologise about anything it should be for some of the things he says on Raw and Smackdown. He’s certainly not going to apologise for giving Triple H a piledriver in front of 20,000 of his hometown fans in Memphis, TN. When the Dogg enquires if that’s his final answer, ‘The King’ confirms and Dogg says that he guesses he’s got to kick his ass and heads to the ring. The Dogg attacks Lawler and just as ‘The King’ starts to get in some shots of his own, the officials and security are out to separate them. David Jett then wonders if they can get the match signed for today.


On to the match and the Road Dogg does his intro and says after the melee that happened earlier he is sure ‘The King’ is ready to apologise. He’s going to give him one more opportunity and if he doesn’t he’ll be getting a little more of what he got a little while ago. Lawler tells him that if he’s waiting for an apology he’s got two words for him ‘suck it!’ Lawler starts out quickly and hits a DDT early on the Dogg. The Dogg reverses an Irish whip, backdrop, then some left jabs before dropping ‘The King’ with a right. A shake and a shimmy and he drops the knee across his throat for a two. Dogg whips Lawler into the turnbuckles, comes charging at him but ‘The King’ gets his foot up and then peppers the Dogg with some lefts of his own. Lawler with the fistdrop and Dogg kicks out on two, seconds before Todd Morton and Bull Pain are out to attack ‘The King’. They put the boots to Lawler and the Dogg joins in but Morton pushes him away. He tries to join in a second time and this time Pain pushes him away. That’s enough for the Dogg and he attacks the KAW guys saving ‘The King’ and the two of them team up to see Pain and Morton off.


With this starting so late in the show you knew it wasn’t going long. Third MCW match of the project, third match with outside interference. This is getting as bad as the ref bumps in Power Pro. It looks like Morton and Pain were late on their run in and Dogg had to kick out of the fistdrop. Prefered this to Lawler/Pain, but like Gibson/Rogers, it was over just as I was getting into it. They work a surprising quick pace, but with it begin so short guess they were able to!

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