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[1994-09-23-CMLL] Mocho Cota vs Negro Casas


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I dug the hell out of this too, review: http://prowrestlingonly.com/index.php?/topic/32634-negro-casas/&do=findComment&comment=5714595


Negro Casas vs. Mocho Cota (9/23/94)


These two are probably my favourite Lucha guys that I've seen, not saying a lot I know but this is moderately exciting. You can tell it is 1994, they are playing 2 Unlimited in the arena!


Cota has big hair here and comedic music. I'm disappointed he's not as cool and sinister as he was in the 1980s, but still has obvious charisma.


Stan Hansen style start to this as Cota ambushes Casas still wearing his denim jacket. Yeah it was definitely the early 90s! Ha ha. It's got a tiger on the back of it. Casas is bloodied before the match has even started.


Here are some things I like in my wrestling:


* great character work

* sustained heat sequences in which heels run through an entire arsenal of offense

* sustained focus on a body part, aka basic Andersons psychology

* great selling


This match has all of those things in spades and is easily one of the best Lucha matches I've seen. If you tend to not get or be alienated by Lucha, as I have been a lot. Watch this. This is a match from Mexico that fans of American or Japanese wrestling could enjoy. Cota could be Terry Funk. Casas could be Ricky Steamboat.


Cota beats on Casas for something fifteen straight minutes, possibly even longer. The stomps on his ankle are brutal, intense, great work. My buddy Pete simply must watch this if he hasn't, he'd love this limbwork. I loved Cota blowing out Casas's knee on the mat. Comeback is incredibly well built to, although finish seems a bit abrupt.


Will Mocho Cota ever be in a match I give less than four stars to? He's a lock for my list. Such a brilliant worker. And Casas continues to be fantastic. And this match will very very probably make my next top 100 matches. A bit like Rude vs. Steamboat, or Arn / Larry vs. Dustin / Steamer, this comes close to my perfect vision of a pro wrestling match. Only misses out on full five because the finish was a little anticlimactic. Brilliant match though. Loved it.



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I actually just watched this today and looked to see if anyone else had chatted it up after I wrote my review. I am right there with both reviews so far.


Fuck yea, I liked this match A LOT. Cota is incredible. I have only seen a hand full matches of him at this point but I haven’t seen a bad Mocho Cota performance. He is such a bad ass killer; even when he is being more comical he seems crazy and dangerous. Cota jumps Casas before he gets in the ring while he is still wearing an incredible (almost already out of date) denim jacket. Casas is beat bloody in about 30 seconds and he is selling like he legit has no idea what hit him or what to do about it. It isn’t just a wild brawl either, Cota is working on the ankle and knee. Casas’ comebacks are dramatic and really well timed. He is still on the defensive most of the match, but he picks away at the monster putting a beating on him and ultimately eeks out a win. After getting his knee blown out in the first fall, Casas wins the second all via low blow DQ and then gets a pin by a hair (which comes across somewhat awkward and a touch abrupt).While the ending isn’t the greatest thing I think it fits with the match, Casas stealing away with a win despite having his ass handed to him most of the match. The match is really and truly great. It never quite hits that last gear to get to the 5 star mark for me, though it is close. I think it's a combination of the pace and the ending being just enough to keep it at 4.75, still nothing to balk at.



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