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Who would be interested in a 12 disc Hart Foundation comp that goes from Sur. Series 96 to Sur. Series 97? The last disc is an epilogue of the fallout after Survivor Series. All of the PPV matches are either from DVD or VHS masters. The TV is all 1st gen SP transfers. Everything is VG to EX VQ. If interested, PM me and maybe we can have a discussion on the merits of episodic TV and how it can be done right. However, I need to make sure there is interest in such a comp before I start distributing so I am going to wait for 10 commitments before going further. I think $60 is a fair donation for the footage someone would receive. Tell me what you think.


Disc 1

Bret v. Austin - Survivor Series 11/17/96 (VHS Master)

Bret vs. Owen ? 11/25/96

Bret vs. Vader ? 1/6/97

Royal Rumble ? 1/19/97 (VHS Master)


Disc 2

Bret quits the WWF 1/20/97

Owen and Davey Boy vs. Furans and Lafon (WWF Tag Titles) 1/20/97

Monsoon interview (continuation of the earlier Bret angle) 1/20/97

Austin vs. Taker 1/20/97

Owen and Davey Boy vs. Furans and Lafon (WWF Tag Titles) ? 2/3/97

Shawn Michaels loses his smile ? 2/13/97

Bret vs. Vader ? 2/13/97

Owen & Davey Boy vs. Furnas & Lafon - Final Four 2/16/97 (DVD)

Bret vs. Austin vs. Vader vs. Undertaker - Final Four 2/16/97 (DVD)


Disc 3

Bret and Sid angle 2/17/97

Bret and Sid angle continued 2/17/97

Bret vs. Sid (WWF championship) 2/17/97

Owen vs. Davey Boy (European Championship) ? 3/3/97

Bret vs. Sid and Bret's uncensored tirade (WWF Championship) ? 3/17/97

Bret vs. Austin (WM XIII) (DVD)

Bret heel turn promo after WM 13 ? 3/24/97


Disc 4

Owen vs. Davey, Bret reforms the Hart Foundation ? 3/31/97

Austin and Bret promo ? 3/31/97

Bret vs. Rocky Maivia 3/31/97

Austin vs. Bret - Revenge of Taker 4/20/97 (VHS Master)

Austin and Bret promo ? 4/21/97

Bret vs. Austin (street fight) and post match shenanigans ? 4/21/97

Brian Pillman, Owen, Davey Boy promo, Austin run in ? 4/28/97

Bret promo ? 4/28/97


Disc 5

Owen vs. Rocky (WWF IC Championship) 4/28/97

Austin promo 4/28/97

Taker vs. Davey Boy 4/28/97

Hart Foundation (first promo with all five members) ? 5/5/97

HBK Promo, Harts run in ? 5/5/97

Hart Foundation Promo ? 5/12/97

Austin Promo 5/12/97

Austin and HBK Promo ? 5/19/97

Bret and HBK Promo ("Sunny Days" comment) ? 5/19/97

Austin and HBK Promo ? 5/26/97

Pre-Tag Title Match angle ? 5/26/97

HBK and Austin vs. Owen and Davey (WWF Tag Titles) ? 5/26/97 (DVD)

Bret and HBK and Austin Promo ? 6/2/97


Disc 6

HBK vs. Austin ? 6/8/97 (VHS Master) ***Bonus Match***

Austin Promo 6/9/97

Pillman vs. Foley 6/9/97

Pillman Pre-Match Promo ? 6/16/97

Austin vs. Pillman ? 6/16/97

Hart Foundation Promo ? 6/16/97

Owen vs. Goldust vs. HHH (WWF IC Title) - 6/23/97

Team Austin vs. Team Canada - Canadian Stampede 7/6/97 (DVD)


Disc 7

Bret Promo ? 7/7/97

Bret vs. Goldust - 7/7/97

Hart Foundation Promo - 7/14/97

Austin and Foley vs. Owen and Davey Boy - 7/14/97

Hart Foundation and Austin Promo - 7/21/97

HBK Promo - 7/21/97

Austin and Foley and Taker vs. Hart Foundation (Flag Match) - 7/21/97

Hart Foundation Prom (The Pittsburgh Enema Promo) - 7/28/97

HBK Promo - 7/28/97

Bret vs. Patriot ? 7/28/97

Steve Austin vs. Owen Hart - Summerslam 8/3/97(DVD)


Disc 8

Bret Hart vs. Undertaker - Summerslam '97 8/3/97 (VHS Master)

Hart Foundation, Slaughter, and Austin Promo (Slaughter's debut as Commissioner? 8/4/97

HBK Promo (heel turn) - 8/4/97

Owen vs. Dude Love - 8/4/97

Owen and Davey Boy vs. Patriot and Shamrock - 8/11/97

Bret vs. Vader (WWF Championship) ? 8/29/97

Bret vs. Patriot - Ground Zero 9/7/97 (PPV Master)


Disc 9

Bret vs. Vader - 9/8/97

Owen vs. Goldust - 9/8/97

Austin stuns Lawler - 9/15/97

Owen vs. Patriot - 9/15/97

Bret and Davey Boy vs. Headbangers (WWF Tag Titles) ? 9/15/97

Owen Hart vs. Vader - One Night Only 9/20/97 (PAL Convert DVD)

Bret Hart vs. Undertaker - One Night Only 9/20/97 (DVD)

HBK vs. Davey Boy Smith - One Night Only 9/20/97 (PAL Convert DVD)


Disc 10

Owen vs. Pillman and Austin stuns Vince ? 9/22/97 (Pillman's last Raw match)

Bret vs. Goldust ? 9/22/97

Kliq, Slaughter, and Harts Promo ? 9/29/97

Vader vs. Davey Boy - 9/29/97

Austin Promo - 9/29/97

Owen Promo (Austin dressed as a Riot Squad Member) - 9/29/97

Owen v. Faarooq ? Badd Blood 10/5/97 (VHS Master)

Bret & Bulldog vs. Vader & Patriot ? Badd Blood 10/5/97 (VHS Master)

Pillman Salute ? 10/6/97

Kliq and Harts Promo (MSG "Curtain Call" Footage Shown) - 10/6/97


Disc 11

Davey Boy vs. Rock - 10/6/97

Bret vs. HHH - 10/6/97

Bret and Kliq Promo (Degeneration X named) ? 10/13/97

Owen vs. Kama ? 10/13/97

Bret vs. Farooq ? 10/20/97

HBK vs. Owen ? 10/20/97

NoD, Harts, and DX Promo ? 10/27/97

Bret vs. Shamrock (Bret's last Raw match) ? 10/27/97

Bret and HBK Video Package ? 11/3/97

Vader vs. Davey Boy (Dog Collar Match) ? 11/3/97

Owen vs. Austin - Survivor Series 11/9/97 (VHS Master)

Bret vs. HBK - Survivor Series 11/9/97 (DVD)


Disc 12: Epilogue

DX, Shamrock, and Slaughter Promo ? 11/10/97

Austin Promo ? 11/10/97

Vince Interview Part 1("Bret Screwed Bret") ? 11/17/97

Vince Interview Part 2 ? 11/17/97

DX Promo (Handsome Harvey) ? 11/24/97

DX Promo (Midget Bret) ? 11/24/97

HBK vs. Vader ? 11/24/97

HHH vs. Jim Neidhart ? 12/1/97

"Destruction of the Hart Foundation" Video Package ? 12/8/97

DX Promo and Strip Poker ? 12/8/97

Vince and Owen Promo ? 12/15/97

HBK vs. Owen (HBK's last Raw match before 2002) ? 12/29/97

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Honestly, I'd be interested in discs 8-12, but I have most of the stuff on the first seven discs already.


Having the entire package wouldn't be bad though since some of my stuff from 1997 is 2nd or 3rd gen though.

Yeah, it depends what you are looking for. I spent alot of time hunting for the best possible VQ on this stuff. When I sent One Night Only to Dan Ginnetty, he said it was the best VQ he has ever seen on that show. Since I traded that from you at one time, I know it would be a step-up for you :).


So, as Some Guy can attest to, the VQ is about as good as it gets. For some who have never seen this stuff, it is worth it. If you want to improve VQ, it is worth it.

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VQ on One Night Only shouldn't be a problem anymore since its out on official DVD.


That's unless your after an original that is, without the WWF's bleeped out. The logo still stands though, since we weren't onto the scratch logo just yet.



The deal is that the only official release of One Night Only is in PAL. Well, trying to convert PAL to NTSC for the longest time was a bitch. Well, I finally figured out how to do it and while there is still that "look", it really is the best method I have found for the most part instead of trying to watch it through a bad acid trip.


As far as the WWEs bleeped out, I don't believe I heard any bleeps at all in the recording. For the Undertaker-Bret hart match, I used the version from the Bret Hart DVD. For Bulldog and Owen's matches, I used the PAL version.

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Committed. Not to a mental institution, but to this project.

Glad to hear it. I'll keep you posted. I am going to let it run through the week. I think Saturday was probably a bad day to run it since it is traditionally a slow day. I'll probably bump the topic back on Monday to see how many people are serious about grabbing this footage.

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