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Stacey & Elliott's Bogus Journey #1: Shattering Expectations

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On their first proper Bogus Journey, Stacey and Elliott could not have picked more opposite matches to showcase, a Divas match and a French match from the 60s. Which one can they not stop screaming about? Which one could possibly be the greatest match of all time? Can a Divas match really be that great? Tune in to find out!




On the docket:


– Trish Stratus vs Mickie James at WWE WrestleMania 22

Link to video

Link to Match Discussion Archive thread


– Gilbert Cesca vs Billy Catanzaro from 1960s French catch

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I do really enjoy the format of this. Two matches. Deep dives. Personal connections or at least personal reactions. A ton of enthusiasm. It's very, very PWO-y. It's as down our alley as any podcast out there and everyone should listen to it.


I need to revisit the Trish match at some point. It was always thoroughly strange in an era before Punk or Bryan (even if we had Spanky and London) for someone like James, who had been as indy as could be to be in the spotlight like that. I guess it's a lot weirder she ended up a country singer. What a crazy story when you think about it. It really should be a TV movie. I am a big proponent of clever utilization of time, of utility relative to opportunity. In that regard, I can appreciate them trying to get as much as possible out of every moment of this. In some ways, it sounds more cinematic than what we've gotten over the last few years too. Maybe that's because the Charlotte matches tend to bleed together for me.


I loved Elliott's talking point about the French match. We have so little that we just don't know. That's something that always comes into play when it comes to my hesitation to rush to ranking new things. We have other French Catch matches, but it's frustrating that nothing's popped up in the last year or two. I wonder if anyone's done any real research in Spanish TV wrestling in the 60s. Was it just these guys ending up in France or Germany or was there an actual scene there?


Anyway, great showing and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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Just wanted to say you guys have great chemistry and this is a great concept. Highly recommend the show. Keep these coming!


Just saw this! Thanks so much for listening. Its been a blast doing these shows with Stacey. Easiest person ever to talk to.


And we've already deviated from our original concept. We're dropping the 3rd mystery match idea just to keep show length reasonable. :)

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Finally got around to listening over the weekend and I absolutely loved this show. Both the content and the hosts delivery made this such a breezy listen, and it was so enjoyable to hear people going into a detailed level of critique on something, but doing it in such an engaging positive way. I have always been a big fan of the Trish-Mickie match and think its massively underrated. When you watch the match it feels longer than it is, and that’s very much not a criticism – it’s because of all the different great moments and bits of storytelling they’ve crammed in, but without it ever seeming like they are doing too much. The way both play their characters while still having a great match is brilliant. And as you guys discussed, the build up was fantastic, and was a match a good 6 or 7 months in the making which had I believe only had one in ring contest between them before it – when do you get that anymore? Aside from a god awful Ashley Massaro match (who played a role in the story here) a year later I think, this was the last one on one women’s title match at Mania before they just threw them all in big multi person matches.


Also just picking up on Matt D’s point about Mickie James which I think is really intriguing and overlooked. For someone who had been in TNA in the Nashville PPV era and very beginning of ROH, for her to have that moment back in 2006, before as Matt says Punk and Bryan and then every other ‘Indy darling’ we’ve had since is massive – she really was a trailblazer in a way. Today if she came in, she would’ve come into NXT with a big rep and smart following that would see her get over and then debut on the RAW after Wrestlemania, but back then, that route to the top didn’t exist. Shows what a great performer she was and very happy she is getting another run right now.


Great show and excited to see what matches you pick next.

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